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Cellphones Banned From Hunting in Idaho?

Responses must be received by July 26, 2017

Cellphones Banned From Hunting in Idaho

Cellphones Banned From Hunting in Idaho?

by Shari Dovale

Idaho’s legal code is written, for the most part, by unelected government bureaucrats within state agencies and is heavily influenced by special interest lobbyists.  These codes, once passed, have the full force of law.  ~Representative Heather Scott

The Idaho Legislature has sent out the new list of proposed rules and regulations for July 2017. 119 pages in a PDF format outlines an extraordinary amount of rules that will become law if not challenged.

Included in this list of rules ( -See page 47) is a very ambiguous statement from Idaho Fish and Game concerning trail cameras and other electronic devices:

With increased use of trail cameras and other technology for hunting, considerations of fair chase, ethics, and sportsmanship have arisen, particularly related to use of electronic communication to aid hunters to locate big game animals. The purpose of this rulemaking is to consider restrictions on the use of trail cameras and similar unmanned devices, and restrictions on use of electronic two-way communication (voice/text/video/ images/data, via phone, radio, or other transmitting device) as an aid to hunting big game animals.

This does not explain the specific rule they intend to implement. This only tells the reader of the general subject matter.

Will hunters be allowed to use trail cameras? Will hunters be banned from carrying their smart phones? What about hand-held GPS devices? How would this affect folks placing game cameras on their own property? How about HAM radios, will they be banned while camping in the woods?

The problem with our government is that they are deliberately hiding the true meaning of what they intend. This is not the only rule they are attempting to slide past the citizens.

The Idaho Fish and Game department has placed a number of new rules into this month’s list, including rules governing licensing, taking of Big Game animals, game birds, and the use of bait and trapping.

If you would like to know more, and request a public hearing on the proposed rules, responses must be received by July 26, 2017.

Please contact:

Jon Rachael
State Game Manager
Idaho Fish and Game
600 S. Walnut
P. O . B o x 2 5
Boise, ID 83707
Phone: (208) 334-2920
Fax: (208) 334-2114


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6 Comments on Cellphones Banned From Hunting in Idaho?

  1. I am sure for special needs people you can pay for a doctors visit, pay a special license fee, and get a special disability permit to carry a cell phone. What a load of crap! Idaho fish and game should of been removed a long time ago back when the state tax payers had to give them millions to keep operating due to a shortfall of funding. The game should be managed by a private corporation, overseen by state government, and do whats best for both the fish and game first then the sportsmen. If run right by a for profit company, then the game would be plentiful! Sick of these OLD GEEZZERS on the fish and game commission controlling the sportsmen it like they are a socialist regime! Time for the sportsmen to get rid of the the state fish and game department!!

  2. This article is completely misinformed. They do break down the specific rule and its wordage in a downloadable pdf file attached to the survey. It states perfectly that the only restrictions on communications if for the use of locating and communicating the location of big game, and that no part of the rule will be inerpreted to preclude other lawful communication.

    • And if you possess such a device on a hunt, then you will be required to prove your innocence? The way it is vaguely worded it would place the burden of proof on the hunter, otherwise just having a smart phone or a Garmin GPS with a radio is all the proof needed to convict.

      “h. With any electronic device, including, but not limited to, cellular phones, smart phones,
      satellite phones, 2-way radios, and GPS devices, used in any manner to communicate the location or
      approximate location of any big game animal to another person for the purpose of aiding the take of that
      big game animal.
      Nothing in the rule shall be interpreted to preclude the use of such electronic devices for communication for other lawful purposes.”

  3. The purpose of hunting is to thin the herds. Hunters make a sport of it. Permits are issued by the government based on herd sizes. When you are issued a tag, who cares how you bagged your game. This should be left up to the hunters personal ethics.

  4. Since having a heart attack, having a way to call for help gives me the ability / security to still get out and enjoy something I love and have done for the past 50 years.

  5. Hunters should be able to carry their smart phones, since there is an app, that shows all unit, and private land boundaries on it. We are not supposed to trespass, ask permission and be aware of where we are. Having our phones and this app, is a benefit for all.

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