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Judge Takes Over Prosecution In Bunkerville Retrial

The judge has turned this entire case into a circus.

Judge Takes Over Prosecution In Bunkerville Retrial

Judge Takes Over Prosecution In Bunkerville Retrial

by Shari Dovale

Judge Gloria Navarro has made new rules for her courtroom that (I would bet) stun even the prosecution.

Last week, Judge Navarro shocked the courtroom with her manipulation of jury selection in the Bunkerville retrial in Las Vegas, Nevada. She refused to allow the defense to have their allotted peremptory challenges and selected the jury for them.

She also ruled against the defense on every single pre-trial motion, including shutting down their defense strategy. Things that were allowed in the previous trial will not be allowed in this trial. The defendants will not be allowed to explain why they went to Bunkerville, nor will they be allowed to say the words “First Amendment”, “Second Amendment” or “Constitution”.

Today, during the questioning of the first witness of [then Under-sheriff] Lombardo, Judge Navarro’s control issues took a very bizarre twist.

During the re-direct testimony of Lombardo, the prosecution, reminding him of being questioned about accidental discharge of weapons, asked the witness what factors he was concerned about during the incident on April 14, 2014.

Lombardo responded that he was concerned for officer safety, the safety of the Nevada Highway patrol and also that of the BLM, if there had been a firefight.

Navarro decided, after this questioning was completed, to finish the prosecution’s examination of the witness, eliciting more testimony for the government’s case. She obviously felt that the prosecution did not phrase their questions the way she preferred and asked the witness, since he was asked about ‘accidental discharge’ was he ever concerned with ‘intentional’ discharge?

Of course, his answer was “Yes”.

But, this was not where Judge Navarro stopped. She continued to take over the questioning of the witness by asking the jury to write their own questions and submit them for her to ask Lombardo.

It is not unheard of to have a jury submit questions in lower courts, but it is highly unusual in Federal court. However, asking questions would be one point to discuss, but Judge Navarro took it even further by controlling those questions and answers herself. She read them herself and then decided what answers would be given to the jury.

The jury had many questions, including some that referenced the previous trial. Navarro did not allow much discussion on those questions, basically telling the jury that “there are different hearings in criminal cases with multiple testimonies” and she wanted to leave it at that.

The jurors also asked about the BLM’s prior operation, was the plan to release the cattle or to ship them out of the area? Navarro would not allow an answer for that, stating that this particular witness could not testify to that. However, the jury might get that answer at a later time.

One juror wanted to know if Lombardo knew if everyone’s firearms were “loaded”, and another wanted the definition of “cease and desist”.

This is highly unusual conduct in a criminal case. The judge has turned this entire case into a circus. The defense has been instructed that they cannot present their defense, and the judge has taken over the prosecution’s case. Everyone might just as well go home.

What can possibly happen tomorrow?


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6 Comments on Judge Takes Over Prosecution In Bunkerville Retrial

  1. If the Master/Slave relationship isn’t highlighted to thinking people with this criminal judge, then nothing can help boobus Americanus now?

  2. Shortly after the Standoff of 2014, Lombardo clearly stated on that Rory Reid & Mrs. Tarkanian show, & on all Vegas News Networks, that the Bundy people “broke NO laws” in the Standoff.
    And, the defense has also overlooked the fact that BLM’s appointed Director KORNZE specifically ordered his appointed mercenaries to impound Cliven’s cattle, specifically grazing on “Gold Butte NV”.
    ‘Gold Butte’ was/is Harry Reid’s direct target to BLM, for his project-deal with ENN:

  3. As Dan Love and other BLM have said, “Take it to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, they always rule in our favor.” Navarro must know that the Ninth has her back. In her many phone conversations and meetings with Harry Reid and other strategists, she must have a blank check to do whatever she damn well pleases. As Roger Stone said, “If we take it to the Ninth, we will probably lose and if we take it to the Supreme Court, we don’t know if they will hear it. In the meantime, many of our prisoners will die in prison. A pardon from President Trump is our only hope”

    • “The naively trusting little newspaper reader goes into the courtroom conscious that he is in the right. His reasonable arguments are carefully rehearsed, and he lays them before the somnolent, mask like faces on the bench, never suspecting that sentence has been passed on him already that there are no courts of appeal, no proper channels and due procedures through which a malignant, a corrupt, a soul-searingly unjust verdict can be undone. There is –
      only a wall. And its bricks are laid in a mortar of lies. We called this chapter ‘The Law Today.’ It should rightly be called ‘There Is No Law.’ The same treacherous secrecy, the same fog of injustice, still hangs in our air, worse than the smoke of city chimneys. For half a century and more the enormous state has towered over us, girded with hoops of steel. The hoops are still there. There is no law.” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn – the last paragraph of “The Gulag Archipelago

      Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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