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Have you seen Growing Freedom for Idaho?

Have you seen Growing Freedom for Idaho?

by Maureen Paterson

We believe informed and engaged citizens are the most effective and realistic solution to reducing big government growth and to preserve our Republic form of government.”

Being an Informed and Engaged Citizen in your state government has just gotten easier!

Have you heard of the website where you can view a RS (Routing Slip) or House Bill while it is still in a legislative committee? And it is summarized and rated to help make it easier. This is revolutionary! Once the RS or Bill passes out of its committee approved, it has a 95% rate of being voted into law on the legislative floor. So if you have a concern about a certain Bill, contacting a legislator before it passes out of committee makes a world of difference.

Here are the simple steps:

On the website click on the “Bills and Committees” section. Then click on Bill List, which is the first drop-down, for accessing this information. You will see that all the bills for this legislative session are evaluated and analyzed. The first column is the Committee. So you can pick just the Committee you are interested in. Then, you will see the Bill number, title, date introduced, rating (0,+,-), summary and further information.

Next, click on “Email the Committees” if you want to make your voice heard on an RS or Bill. Go to the Committee that you are interested in and click on “Email the Committee”. When you right-click you can copy all the emails of that committee to insert into your email.

Please make use of this wonderful tool which has long been needed.

Thank you to our Representatives Heather Scott (R-1A) and Ron Nate (R-34A), who have made this possible!

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