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Cavalier Sentenced to Time Served

Cavalier will now be transported to Nevada to face charges in the Bunkerville Standoff trial to be held in February.


Cavalier Sentenced to Time Served

by Shari Dovale

Brian Cavalier, also known as Booda Bear by the Malheur Protesters, was sentenced this week to the time he has served since being arrested in January 2016. 9 months, plus 3 years probation was agreed upon in a plea agreement, upheld by Judge Anna Brown.

Cavalier plead guilty to 1 count of conspiracy to impede a federal officer and 1 firearms charge. He faced 6 years in prison for the impeding charge and 5 years for possessing firearms in a federal facility.

Cavalier will now be transported to Nevada to face charges in the Bunkerville Standoff trial to be held in February.

Booda identified himself as Ammon Bundy’s personal bodyguard and told the court that in itself would make him intimidating to federal employees.

He was also labeled as a bodyguard for Cliven Bundy at the 2014 standoff in Bunkerville when the Bureau of Land Management attempted to confiscate the elder Bundy’s cattle.

According to information from principles inside the current defendant’s case of US vs. Ammon Bundy and others, the reports from the FBI identify Cavalier as willing to testify in February against other defendants in the Malheur Protest Trial.

Cavalier made news in January when it was shown that Cavalier lied about being a US Marine. This is known as ‘Stolen Valor’ and can be punished under the US Criminal Code if the liar claims certain ribbons and awards. This story was reported by the Daily Mail.

He left the Refuge in January and was arrested in Arizona. He returned to the Refuge a little more than a week later, with some speculating that he returned as a government informant.

Cavalier is known to have worked as a ranch hand in exchange for room and board for several years on the Cliven Bundy ranch in Nevada.

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  1. Hope using him as a witness backfires in the faces of the Fed’s, just like the others. The Fed’s have a technique of threatening those they want to push to a specific narrative. The People on Trial should be Bretzing, Love, and the goons who planned the whole Bundy attack.

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