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Why I Will Vote For Donald Trump

We must also stand tall now, at this moment of decision, to do what is left to us that can be done.


Why I Will Vote For Donald Trump

Among family and friends I had, in the recent past at the close of the Republican primaries, stated that I would write in a candidate come November rather than vote for Mr. Trump.

Because I publicly stated my opposition I now publicly recant from my previous position and from any support that I may have rendered to those who have expressed similar opinions. I will vote for Mr. Trump as I explain in my rationale below.

I opposed Mr. Trump during the primaries as an outspoken advocate for Senator Cruz. He received my vote, he received as many votes as I could persuade family and friends to go along.

Alas, this is a media age, not an age for men of letters. The Cruz candidacy died due to the combination of Trump’s continuously covered personal attacks while his own voice was suffocated through denial of oxygen on the national stage by the obsessive media coverage of Mr. Trump.

trumpOnce the nomination process was completed and Mr. Trump became the Republican standard-bearer we see once again the normal pattern in media coverage. Remember when Senator McCain was a favored darling of the media? If you don’t recall, think back to the Bush administration and prior to McCain receiving the Republican nomination to run against Barack Obama. The media loved him because he attacked President Bush and the war in Iraq, and because he fought for a simple-minded reform to political financing which somehow ended up affecting conservative groups but not George Soros. But once he had the nomination in 2008 they treated him like the founder of the Ku Klux Klan.

As the Republican nominee, Mr. Trump is now despised by the media. As political advocates of the Democrat party, the majority in the media are personally committed to socialism and philosophically to a totalitarian (autocratic, powerful central government) world view.

After all, if there was one thing they hated more than Trump it was Senator Cruz because they knew he was serious about what he said.

For all his faults, Mr. Trump appears to believe he represents his voters and does not represent party leadership who have opposed him all along.

All of this is academic and historical. It doesn’t explain why I changed my mind and have decided to vote for Mr. Trump.

My reason is simple: there is now no realistic opportunity to change the direction of the country other than to vote for him. From a Christian point of view this has not been a moral man, though I have no knowledge of his current lifestyle.

He has been a frequent filer of bankruptcy so he could walk away from business failures to deal again, while less powerful people lost everything due to his legally incurred debts being wiped out. And while highly pragmatic, it is still no high mark of character to have been an active supporter of whoever was in power at a given moment, using money and influence on their behalf, to gain their support for his business ventures. He was after all a financial supporter and cheerleader for Senator Clinton of New York.

In other words, to put it in practical terms, I wouldn’t want my daughter to marry someone with his resume regardless of his wealth, nor would I counsel a son to follow him as a role model in life.

tedWhy would someone encourage people to vote for a man who has a clear track record in personal life that is so poor? Because I am pragmatic and a fighter. My candidate lost. He was without question a better man, a better intellect, a better candidate, and would have been a President we could have respected and admired. But my candidate lost. There will be a winner in November and the name of that person will be Trump or Clinton. It is as simple as that. It will not be Gary Johnson (nor should it be in my view even if that were feasible). The choice may be bleak but what choice will we make? We will get one or the other, if you are willing to assume there is an election and a normal peaceful transition of power on 20 January 2017.

Mrs. Clinton is a known liar, traitor, thief, and was directly complicit in the terror murder of the US Ambassador, and three others, to Libya in 2012 while she was the sitting Secretary of State. She is a criminal. No holds barred, no question, unmitigated criminal for her use of an illegal server to transact email, to violate US National Security by compromising known Secret, Top Secret and Eyes Only official documents. Someone who openly accepted bribes through the “Clinton Foundation” from foreign governments with the known result in one case ending in the sale and control of 20% of the US plutonium supply to Russia. Mrs. Clinton viciously attacked women who were raped and sexually harassed by her husband while he was Governor of Arkansas and as President.

She stands in the halls of power to aggrandize wealth and power to herself. She helped destroy US foreign policy and directly lead to the deterioration of relations with Russia, and subsequent growth of power by them into Ukraine, in the demolition of the Libyan government under Gaddafi to be replaced by lawless, Muslim Brotherhood forces who stand for the creation of a world-wide Caliphate of Islamic domination, in undermining the Iraqi government through the destabilization there by refusing to negotiate a Status of Forces Agreement over the course of two years which served as the pretext for the immediate withdrawal of US forces and the collapse of realistic Iraqi government control over their own territory leading to the rise of ISIS.

hillaryA woman who stated on 28 July in her acceptance speech that “we will not build a wall,” “we’ll build a path to citizenship for millions of immigrants who are already contributing,” “we need to appoint Supreme Court justices who will get money out of politics and expand voting rights, not restrict them.” A woman who can say without shame, “I’m proud that we put a lid on Iran’s nuclear program without firing a single shot,” even though the process leading to the Iran deal was found to have been based on a cleverly deployed lie of the White House and even though it does nothing to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear device. I could go on. This is enough. As has been stated by others, “she is evil.”

Mr. Trump by comparison is egotistical, has been publicly immoral in his past, and has not been averse to bending or helping to get created laws that benefit himself. He has been liberal his entire life in his political stances and support. One thing he is not….he is not a traitor; Mrs. Clinton is a traitor as can be seen by the plutonium deal as proof. His actions, though self-serving, were not illegal. Immoral in many case yes.

At the same time, Mr. Trump is for all his rhetoric and actions also a patriot. His personal indiscretions are a moot point.

Mr. Trump actually appears to believe in the United States AS A COUNTRY, as a unique entity in the history of man, where people come to live in freedom and to be able to become what they can become. A man who believes in free enterprise, entrepreneurship, and private property. A man who is making steps to vet his potential Federal Court Judge appointments, to include especially the all-important next member of the Supreme Court, with independent conservative watch groups (The Federalist Society and the Heritage Foundation).

militaryA man who verbally asserts the need to rebuild the US military and to use it in ways that benefit the security of the United States. A man who has rightly indicated there is a desperate need to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into the country, and to stop the flow of those from mid-eastern nations when we don’t know who these people are who want to come in. Those are not insignificant, or xenophobic positions. He happens to be right. Only media elites and business dominated politicians fail to see the value of these positions to the future existence of a country in North America known as the United States.

In other words, while Mr. Trump may not follow through on the rhetoric, he is the only chance in November 2016 to stop the total annihilation of the United States as a country. He isn’t perfect, not even particularly desirable. But I caution everyone to remember, God raised the Pharaoh up at the time of Moses so that he could demonstrate his power. Do not underestimate where Mr. Trump might lead. Do not kid yourself that electing Mrs. Clinton couldn’t be worse.

As for those of my fellow Christians and conservatives who can’t vote for Trump, I understand the concern. But many of you helped Barack Obama win his second term by sitting on your hands in 2012. Romney was pathetic, spineless, and inept; President Obama was and is worse. He is actively destroying the country for precise philosophical, religious reasons. I have grandchildren who deserve a fighting chance…the best one I can give to them is to help elect Trump, and to pray to God that the rising generation will have time to guide him, and the other elected officials, to reverse the growth of our dangerous Federal government in a way that the last 5 generations have miserably failed to do.

It has been said that our habit as conservatives to vote for the lesser of two evils has clearly gotten us nowhere except to this point where both candidates are likely to be destructive. The complementary argument, that we should let the election of evil take place so that people can see the devastation and thus turn for a real change, has also been implemented and has failed. President Obama is the demonstrably the worst President in our history. Yet the clear violation of law, usurpation of power, and minute destruction of our national culture, has only enhanced the rapid growth of raw police-state power by a totalitarian executive. As a strategy this has also failed.

bibleOur founding fathers stated our form of government could only be maintained by a moral people. They were right. The only real solution is a return to Godliness by the people. That takes time…. time to educate, train, advocate. It is time that we seek while we take back our churches and our schools, to rip them from the hands of the social activists who believe in totalitarianism and who have dominated for 50 years. Time and God’s mercy.

Mr. Trump may be a bust. By contrast, Mrs. Clinton will be the end of our freedom, the last mile marker for regaining control of this government through civil means. Sit it out and whine all you want from the moral high ground because you are right about your complaints. Just realize that your decision to sit it out, or to vote for a 0% candidate like Gary Johnson, is nothing other than a defeatist attitude. Vote for Mr. Trump and let us continue to fight it out politically while we still have the hope of an opportunity to restore our nation to its founding principles.

At some point in the distant future when they find the record of our civilization let them read how the patriots never gave up even though hope was dim.

We must also stand tall now, at this moment of decision, to do what is left to us that can be done. We can only be beaten, never defeated, unless we allow ourselves to give up. No soldier can choose how he wants the battle to have been arranged once it starts; he must choose to fight the battle at hand, or to run.

As a practical matter, there is no future under a President Clinton. With her election there is certainty that the struggle for freedom will eventually be forced to other avenues. With the election of President Trump there at least remains the possibility this can still remain a political fight. There is still a hope of a free future and time to work toward it under a President Trump. This is why I will vote for Mr. Trump and I encourage you to do so as well.


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