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Tantrums On The Convention Floor

The delegates are honor bound to do what the people have decided.


Tantrums On The Convention Floor

By Shari Dovale

It began immediately, with calls from the RNC Convention floor for a vote to “Free The Delegates” from their legally-binding votes for Donald Trump.

This has been building for weeks, even months. No one in the RNC took Trump seriously, even going so far as to insure that he would not run an independent campaign by forcing him to sign a “pledge” to that effect.

To be sure, Reince Priebus and the top RNC henchmen, made it very clear that all potential candidates would sign the pledge to support whichever candidate rose to the top spot.

However, weasels like Jeb Bush began throwing fits when he lost his chance and said that he would not honor the pledge. This shows a complete Lack of Character, and the American people should count themselves lucky they don’t have to deal with him anymore.

Those that will not honor the pledge should be barred from running in ANY Republican race, all the way down to Precinct Committeeman. If they cannot hold to their word this time, they will surely give it up down the road. They cannot be trusted, period.

This also goes for the delegates that are throwing the fits today. There are laws binding their votes to the people’s choice. They want to step out of that realm and decide FOR the people, as if we are not smart enough to decide for ourselves.

Haven’t we been dealing with that for 8 years, and all the government growth? The current administration thinks it has the right to tell me how to live, how to eat, how to raise my kids, when to vaccinate, etc. I am tired of being told that my choices do not matter. I will not allow the delegates from my party to start acting in the same manner.

To all the delegates that would like to see some last-minute rule bending:

Grow up or get out. The people have spoken. You are honor bound to do what the people have decided. You agreed to this when you agreed to be a delegate. Honor your word!

It’s time to Man Up!

2 Comments on Tantrums On The Convention Floor

  1. Trump said on television he would no longer honor the pledge either, that was in March. When we point fingers we need to include all the violaters.

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