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*UPDATES* Help Bret Recover

June 19, 2023 1

*UPDATES* Help Bret Recover *Bret is the Techno-Guru for Redoubt News. Many friends and well-wishers have asked for updates on his medical condition.  Bret was finally able to get the nuclear stress test. This showed [Read More]


Follow the FAKE Science!

May 18, 2023 0

Follow the FAKE Science! by Shari Dovale There is ongoing evidence that current scientific papers that are being published are actually Fake, and this has been happening for some time. A neuropsychologist by the name of [Read More]


Follow The Science! Governor Little Hasn’t Changed

June 20, 2022 4

Follow The Science! Governor Little Hasn’t Changed By Bob Shillingstad J.D. Rucker summarized the news this last week that “following the recommendations of a Big-Pharma-contolled panel of “doctors” who unanimously voted to approve jabbing young [Read More]

Heart of Hope Health

Heart of Hope Health

May 2, 2022 0

Heart of Hope Health Where the Heart Matters Editor’s note: I looked, as the author advises, and joined. The people there have been friendly, helpful and polite! We are more than happy to print this [Read More]