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Heart of Hope Health: an Emerging New Paradigm of Health Care

Healthcare workers, once our heroes for their dedicated service during crisis, were given the boot for noncompliance with the mandates.

Heart of Hope Health

Heart of Hope Health: an Emerging New Paradigm of Health Care

By Hari Heath

There is a good side to the Covid events of the last couple of years. Yes, it’s disrupted just about everything, but from that chaos, new things are emerging. The lockdowns, mandates and impositions have crushed many good things. But those who were forced out, are going somewhere else.

And many of the large, Covid compliant industries and institutions have lost some of their best members to emerging alternatives. Conventional Media, now distrusted, has many digital and print competitors, like what you are reading now. Public Education is facing challenges with micro-schools, homeschooling, educational co-ops and parents no longer willing to subject their children to mandates of the state.

Healthcare workers, once our heroes for their dedicated service during crisis, were given the boot for noncompliance with the mandates. A great migration has begun, away from the mega institutions like the Medical Industrial Complex and towards some very positive alternatives. And we will all be much better for it, as progress is made.

One such example here in Kootenai County is Heart of Hope Health. A new idea, born to help resolve the challenges of an overtaxed health care system, it will also add some very refreshing alternatives that have long been needed. An idea that only started a few months ago plans to begin initial operations this January and grow from there.

It is a new community member not affiliated with Kootenai Medical Center, designed to provide resources and reduce demand. It promises a new paradigm shift in health care. It will be a private enterprise to honor individual medical decisions, independent of the insurance industry. Patients and Staff are free to choose their treatment and healthcare options.

Initially it will be a clinic and a network with a wide variety of Health Care professionals. From there, Heart of Hope plans a treatment center facility campus, where many treatments can be performed and will also be a place to grow wellness.

In person visits, telemedicine, access to patient education resources and a major focus on true preventative medicine and scientifically verifiable alternative therapies are at the core of the plan. Using a monthly membership subscription with unlimited access to health providers and unlimited RN triage, the costs will be tailored to patient needs.

Unlike the usual practice of only prescribing pharmaceuticals, Heart of Hope will prescribe pharmaceuticals sparingly as needed, but also utilize or develop a line of special supplements chosen for their efficacy and bio-availability. Not all supplements are created equal where absorption efficiency equals efficacy. A particular focus will be on immune support.

And to help members help themselves, a health education library is planned for patient members, along with a Heart of Hope Newsletter.

Dr. Duke Johnson M.D., one of the core organizers, originally has roots in the area going back several generations. A graduate of Coeur d’Alene High School, he went on to UCLA Medical School. He has spent 30 years researching, practicing and teaching preventative medicine around the world. The goal is to keep members so healthy they don’t need medical care as often with early intervention and pre-emptive health management.

Dr. Paul Ellis Marik, with FLCCC, is one of the most published ICU researchers in the history of ICU medicine. His research forms the foundation upon which Heart of Hope will base much of its practices. His work can be seen at

Heart of Hope will work outside of the insurance industry so staff and members will be free to engage in useful treatments, not limited to insurance industry mandates, with a payment schedule to accommodate needs. Like minded healthcare practitioners are already flocking to this new model of healthcare, called Direct Primary Care, in part due to the mandates to participate with the still experimental Covid vaccines, but also because of the great opportunity to participate in truly healthy patient care options.

Dr. Duke says inflammation is the root cause of essentially all disease as explained in his book, The Optimal Health Revolution. The focus will be on preventative care, Immune system enhancement, Weight loss, Unique supplements, Mental health support and yes, Spiritual care!

Initially, some space for a clinic is planned for the near future, but long term goals are a full campus treatment center with multiple discipline health care providers. Also planned is a network of alternative healthcare providers throughout the area so members can find practitioners close to them.

As a community based health system this idea needs YOU! Perhaps the quickest and best way is to sign up to be a monthly member on their website once it is ready in the next few weeks to accept patients. The people behind Heart of Hope can also use donations of many types and there will be volunteer positions for non-practitioners to help this get off the ground and maintain this enterprise.

This is not a political movement, just a new paradigm to help take care of people outside of the standard medical industry taking a fresh look at healthcare by placing the patients in control.

Check out what promises to be one of the brightest lights on the post Covid horizon. Something truly healthy and the future we needed quite some time ago! Their web site is




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