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John Jacob Schmidt – THE TRUTH: Expose’ of the battles being fought by Rep.

Matt Shea Attacked - John Jacob Schmidt Responds

EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Matt Shea Exposes BLM Atrocities

John Jacob Schmidt – THE TRUTH: Expose’ of the battles being fought by Rep.


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1 Comment on John Jacob Schmidt – THE TRUTH: Expose’ of the battles being fought by Rep.

  1. This is a re-post from November 4 2018 where I discussed the evolution of the laws of armed conflict that JJS discusses at about minute 20 of his superb podcast. “I want to make mention of Rep. Shea’s comments and the documents that led to his smear about biblical warfare: Many of the passages cited in his document form the basis of the modern laws of armed conflict. The Geneva Conventions and the Hague protocols that govern the U.S. and NATO laws of armed conflict — not always followed by radical islam and other nations — are drawn from the tenets of Biblical Warfare. Matt was also criticized for speaking about Just War Theory. During my tenure at the NROTC unit at University of Colorado from 1998 to 2001, Just war theory was a required element of the Naval Ethics and Leadership course. To fully understand Jus in Bellum and Jus Ad Bellum as well as proportionality and the double effect is essential in understanding the moral conduct of war. Between 1995 and 1998, when I was a political-military analyst at the U.S. European Command, where I served as a desk officer covering the war in the Former Yugoslavia, I studied the foundations and basis of the laws of armed conflict. It was here where I learned how these laws came into effect and which nations & groups follow and don’t follow the laws. for the media and other political opponents of Matt to use these arguments in attacks against him, clearly illustrates the complete ignorance of his accusers in understanding how these laws came into being. From a biblical perspective, arming one for spiritual warfare is an essential daily task to prevent being captured by the temptations we face every day and spiritually arming ourselves every day is necessary to help to safely deliver us from the evils all of us face in our lives”.

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