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Era of Megafires – How do you want your fire?

This presentation had been made 84 times throughout the West in an effort to distract the woeful neglect of all Western forests.

Era of Megafires

Era of Megafires – How do you want your fire?

Last Wednesday evening at the Sacajawea Center in Salmon a meeting presented by Dr. Paul Hessburg, was held titled Era of Megafires – How do you want your fire? How do you want your smoke? Since it was partly sponsored by the Salmon Challis National Forest I was hoping it would be about opening up economic opportunity in our forests by allowing logging to reduce the tremendous amount of fuel loads or at least open roads for firefighting access.

To my dismay it was a 70 minute presentation about forest ecology and how fire has been used as a beneficial means to keep our forests healthy. It was also mentioned we could use prescribed or controlled burns to prevent Megafires. I believe it was an attempt to redirect the peoples lost faith in current forest management practices and to temper their anger over each summer’s smoke in our valleys, black runoff in our rivers, dead wildlife and human health issues.

We were then told by Dr. Hessburg, that past decades of fires and the coming Megafires of the future are the result of Gobal Warming. According to Dr Hessburg,until society realizes the biggest threat to our forests is global warming there are no clean cut solutions”. I beg to differ. Decades of forest neglect by our federal land managers have brought the Megafire scenario upon us. “Who is to blame for these Megafires” the speaker asked? Dr.Hessburg expressed to the audience that we need to quit blaming the Forest Service for their hands off policies, we need to move on.

Many in the audience rebuffed the doctor’s argument affirming that there weren’t the fires of today when rural communities had thriving logging, mining and ranching industries. The environmental movement, pure and simple, is mostly to blame, their lawsuits, the injunctions, and judicial threats have moved people out of the woods and left the forests to grow old and diseased.

One environmentalist speaking in the film presentation said “maybe it was time to start removing some of this wood with selected harvesting”. Folks in the audience were none too pleased being lectured by Dr. Paul Hessburg, a landscape ecologist, and our local Forest Supervisor as to how they need to rethink Megafire and its causes.

For more than a half hour local ranchers and residents gave the hosts an earful of historic wisdom. This presentation had been made 84 times throughout the West in an effort to distract the woeful neglect of all Western forests. The time for making excuses is over. The U.S.F.S. must allow people to cut and clean out dead wood for personal use with impunity. How do you want your fire? How do you want your smoke? WE DON’T WANT EITHER!

Representative Dorothy Moon
Legislative District 8 B
Stanley, Idaho


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2 Comments on Era of Megafires – How do you want your fire?

  1. Dr. hessburg is what I call an educated idiot, a science shill. In this case, the one thing these zealots have overlooked, or more likely ignored, is that the so called native peoples had been using fire to shape this landscape for their own purposes for centuries before Europeans showed up. This is not a natural biome. It’s a managed one, and it is no longer being managed.

  2. So we already know who the people are that are behind the idea of “let the wildfires burn because it’s natural”. That pretty much says it all right there.
    We also know that these fires are caused by arsonists. We also know that the greenies have openly admitted that they would “burn out the cattlemen”.
    Let’s not forget that all these areas have systematically been removing one dam after another in CA, OR, and WA.
    Another less known factor is that Fish and Game departments also have systematically removed all the beaver populations. I know that as I spent a lot of time speaking with a beaver specialist in WA State who provided all the information regarding the ever present problem of trying to depopulate beaver populations when fish and game destroys them as fast as he gets them out there. This factor is the same situation in the other 2 states as well, and he refers to it as a beaver crisis.
    All those conditions plus geo engineering and HAARP produces perfect “burn them out” conditions. It is a greenie’s war to remove the people and is very effective, don’t you think?
    Now, what are we going to DO about it?

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