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Vigilante Justice in Venezuela

This is the reality of a society in collapse. Are you ready?


Vigilante Justice in Venezuela

By Shari Dovale

When the economy collapses, everything else will fall as well. This includes law and order. In a Socialist society, the citizens are used to ‘majority rule.’ Whatever the question, the majority decides, even if it directly contradicts the laws of that country. It doesn’t matter. It is called ‘Mob Rule.’

vigilante That is what is happening in Venezuela. This country has more oil than Saudi Arabia, yet the government does not know how to the maximize that asset. It continues to make bad decisions based on it’s Socialist Doctrine.

They have taken over the industry within the country, set prices on goods and services, and run that country to the ground. Citizens are starving to death and dying of common ailments due to lack of medicines and supplies.

They have little to no electricity or water, government is open only 2 days per week, and the inflation has pushed 900%. Riots are common, and can be over anything, like toilet paper.

The military has been ordered to guard and regulate the food lines, yet they are reduced to stealing food themselves. People are hunting the streets for stray pets to cook and feed to their families.

vigilante Now, the vigilante mobs are dishing out their own brand of law and justice. Recently, Roberto Bernal, 42, was attacked in Caracas, Venezuela. He was mistaken for a looter and beaten by the crowd until he was bloody. The crowd thought he had stolen the equivalent of $5.00.

He was then doused with gasoline and set on fire. A video was uploaded to You Tube showing the graphic and gory event. You can view it here, if you choose.

Later, at the hospital, Bernal told his wife that he been mistaken for the real thief, and his accusers had not given him time to explain. He died two days later.

“Life here has become a misery. You walk around always stressed, always scared, and lynching offers a collective catharsis,” Violence Observatory director Roberto Briceno-Leon said. “You can’t do anything about the lines or inflation, but for one moment, at least, the mob feels like it’s making a difference.”

This is the reality ovigilante f a society in collapse. Children going hungry. People standing in lines all day for nearly nothing. People afraid to leave their homes. The crime rate has soared. Caracas has been declared the most dangerous city in the world.

And it can only get worse.

The vigilante justice will continue. The police cannot respond, as their numbers are faced with the same shortages. The prices will rise. The goods will get scarcer. The people will die.

This is the Utopian Socialist Paradise that Hugo Chavez envisioned and Nicolas Maduro tries to implement. This is what Bernie Sanders has sought for Americans, and Hillary would love to implement as it’s Queen Bee.

Are you ready?