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Attack Ads Backfire on my Opponent!

The primary election is scheduled for May 17, 2022

Attack Ads Backfire on my Opponent!

Attack Ads Backfire on my Opponent!

by Rep. Dorothy Moon

Attack ads result in bad karma for candidates and Political Action Committees. We’ve all heard them on radio and TV, it’s what gives politics such a bad name. Problem is, they seem to work; or do they? Throw the red meat and watch who gobbles it up has been used in Pavlovian fashion to direct the aimless, angry, and ignorant.

Not so fast politicos, maybe not anymore… listen to what happens after an attack ad played against my character on the Bill Colley morning show during an interview on 1310 KLIX radio. Not the result expected I presume and quite a backhand to my opponent who apparently had no idea about its genesis.

Stop the childish tricks, the dark greyed out postures and open the blinds. These attacks hurt the brand and leave only the ignorant, likely non-voter, entertained.

Listen for yourself and let me know how you feel.


The article from Action Idaho below:


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