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Comrade Omodt Humiliates Himself in Public Meeting

Trying to target his political opponents did not really work out for him

Comrade Omodt Humiliates Himself in Public Meeting

by Shari Dovale

Bonner County Comrade Chairman Luke Omodt continues to best his own personal absurdity in his ongoing pursuit to be selected as the brightest bulb in the package.

This week had his irrationality on full display as he tried to again misread policies and change rules to show his personal power.

Right out of the public comment starting gate of Tuesday’s business meeting, Comrade Omodt attempted to convey his narcissistic authority and demand that any county employee that wished to make a public comment must, by his personal decree, declare that they are, in fact, an employee and whether they were “on the clock”.

Commissioner Williams, as usual, was the only elected official in the room willing to speak on behalf of the public and challenge this new rule.

Though Comrade Chairman attempted to say that it was against state law for these folks to make political speeches on the county dime, he could not explain how public comment by county employees were classified as “political speech”.

Omodt, as expected, tried his regularly scheduled gaslighting techniques by *suggesting* that Commissioner Williams was advocating that they not follow the policy manual which was (as he emphasized) actually published. <gasp>

Comrade Omodt showed the pride he had for himself when he produced the rule that he claimed backed his play, but fell flat when he actually read it out loud.

First, he attempted to change the entire subject (which is another trait of gaslighting) to blame the only female on the board of electioneering. This was a completely different subject than the one with which he began. It too fell flat when it was shown that no electioneering took place, except in his own ignorance.

Then, Omodt read from the manual:

Engage in campaigning or other political activities for or against any candidate of ballot issue, while on duty in public service. This rule does not apply to Elected Officials.

Omodt again showed his superficial knowledge of the rules by not being able to address how a standard public comment from a resident of the county could be considered political speech.

And to top it off, it is surely clear that it went completely over Omodt’s head that, as he emphasized “This rule does not apply to Elected Officials”, apparently to clear himself of this very complaint, he actually appeared to clear Commissioner Williams of his own fantasy accusations against her.

While watching his clown show antics today, it became obvious to me as to why Comrade Omodt demands so many recesses during each meeting: Timeouts aren’t just for kids, sometimes adults need a break from themselves too.

Watch for yourselves below, but be forewarned that it does drag on with his twaddle as he cannot explain anything in his own words and must read everything in tedious monotone … as usual.


2 Comments on Comrade Omodt Humiliates Himself in Public Meeting

  1. The Idaho Code Comrade Omodt read included two required elements that were not present; 1.) comments about a political candidate or a ballot / petition issue, neither of which applied. The legal juggernaut missed a complete compliance to all elements. VOTE Dimitry Borisov and Brain Domke for Commissionner District 3 and 1, respectively.

  2. Good job with the injected humor, Shari. The BOCC meetings have deteriorated to the point where we have to laugh, even though these are serious issues. This commission has 10 more months to do further damage to Bonner County, with several significant problems already pending. That’s not funny!

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