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Bonner County CommissionMEN Sexism or Racism?

Ms. Williams is the only Black Female trying to talk to the board during public comment

Sexism or Racism

Bonner County CommissionMEN Sexism or Racism?

by Shari Dovale

The Bonner County Commission (BoCC) business meetings are a constant battle with the 2 CommissionMEN ignoring the will of the people, and their 3rd elected Commissioner, Asia Williams.

Public Comment, as usual, is another burr in the backside of Comrade Omodt. He talks by Rote, on every occasion he finds the chance, that he respects the first amendment, yet his actions belie those words.

You would thing that as a former teacher he would have understood the true meaning of the first amendment, and not tried to gaslight the public into believing his words over their lying eyes.

His known habits include shutting down comments that he does not agree with, or people using words he doesn’t like (such as: Tyranny) or even seeming to not allow people that he personally doesn’t like to speak at all, if he can avoid it.

He finds many reasons to shut down select members of the public, including talking through their given time and not allowing it returned to them. Additionally, he has had online visitors shut down, disconnected and muted. Today’s meeting was no different.

He has forced a segment of the public to submit to the data mining he has authorized the county to engage in, as well as sharing that data with Google, who is notorious for harvesting personal information and selling it to third parties.

From Feb. 9, 2024:Comrade Luke Omodt Escalates the Tyranny

Why does the county want to harvest this personal information? Do they intend to sell it to nefarious third parties? How will the people even know? The county, and Comrade Omodt, have not even tried to give reassurances that the personal, private information that he intends to collect will be safe.

But the main bone of contention for many citizens is the 2 men’s continued mistreatment of the only female on the BoCC, who happens to be black. It has been well over a year that these 2 men have been persecuting and punishing her, and it is time for them to Man-Up and make it stop.

Commissioner Asia Williams is repeatedly shut down from discussing county business with the public, and the other commissioners. She used to give a weekly report on issues important to the people. Comrade Omodt threw a conniption and got together with the swearing pastor Bradshaw to stop these reports, as it seemed to make them look bad for not being able to produce their work as well.

Whenever, Commissioner Williams tries to speak to a topic, these 2 men are known for not allowing it to happen. Either through not seconding her motions, as it is nearly every time, or by Comrade Omodt telling her she is “Out of Order” if she tries to speak.

Even when she does manage to get a few words in, it is a constant battle to get these men to allow her the time of day. They have made it clear that they run this county and do not need her.

When the swearing pastor Bradshaw slips up on his voting occasionally, Omodt is quick to question him and allows? or makes? him correct his vote, keeping in line with Omodt and not with Williams.

Williams has previously spoken during these meetings as a citizen and resident of the county. However, Comrade Omodt has decided that, because she is an elected official, she is not to be allowed to speak during public comment.

This has not stopped Comrade Luke from allowing other elected officials from speaking, such as Clerk Rosedale. This is only directed at Commissioner Williams.

This constantly poor treatment of the only female on this board has raised questions of whether or not sexism is being engaged by these two CommissionMEN. Other women that have had the misfortune of dealing with these two have also complained of poor treatment.

Another, equally disturbing yet still discussed, issue has arisen in the public that it is possible that these men have a problem with Ms. Williams because she is the only Black Female trying to talk to the board during public comment.

Because this is such a hot button topic throughout the country, these 2 men need to be extra careful in not perpetuating the theory that they are engaged in this horrible practice.

It is a serious discussion that these 2 men need to have with Commissioner Williams AND the public to reassure them that they are not actively engaging in racism.

Whatever their beef is with Commissioner Williams, they need to get over it and allow her to do her job and represent the people that elected her.

It is even more meaningful this week to address these issues as Friday, March 8th is International Women’s Day. This is a time to celebrate women’s achievement and raise awareness about discrimination. We certainly don’t want to see Bonner County featured as an example of intolerant practices.