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Hutchings Launches Campaign for Idaho 1A

Spencer: "I know I can do this job for the people because I'm one of them.”

Hutchings Launches Campaign for Idaho 1A

Hutchings Launches Campaign for Idaho 1A

Spencer Hutchings has announced his plans to run as a Republican for the Idaho House of Representatives, District Seat 1A.

Mr. Hutchings owns Sheepdog Supplies, a gun store in Sagle, and Westmond Ranch, a small 58 acre farm in in Sagle. He was the Treasurer for the Bonner County Republican Central Committee for several years.

Spencer grew up in the Sierra Nevada mountains near Yosemite National Park. He sold his business and left California when it was taken over by the insane liberal policies. He moved to Idaho with his wife of 26 years in 2012. They felt Idaho was a much better fit for freedom loving people such as themselves. Idaho reminded them of the way California was before it was destroyed by liberals.

Hutchings joined the United State Marine Corps fresh out of high school where he was a turboprop mechanic on KC-130’s. He is a self taught computer networking specialist who owned a very successful computer networking company. He was a construction Project Manager for one of the largest hospital firms in the nation for ten years after which he decided to pursue a more ethical line of work, so he opened a gun store in California.

Mr. Hutchings volunteered for the NRA, running Friends of the NRA fund raisers that raised 100’s of thousands of dollars to help fund firearms education and training for youth and women’s programs.

We are at a point in our Republic when strong men must take a stand and sacrifice to do what is right for our nation. Spencer will work to push back against the liberal agenda of taxing hard working citizens into poverty. He will fight to end the illegal invasion of our state by those who would take advantage of our generous nature while robbing us and our children of the future we have worked so hard for.

Mr. Hutchings aligns himself with the Idaho Freedom Caucus and holds fast to their agenda to take back and expand Freedom and Liberty in our state. He has pledged to do everything in his power to expel special interests that harm the average citizens from Idaho politics.

The average working man has been abandoned by most of the current representation. This is unacceptable. If our representatives do not work on behalf of the average working man then what is their purpose? To enrich themselves? This is not what our nation is about, it’s just plain theft.

“Working people are being robbed to line the pockets of swamp creatures and the people that fund them. It must stop,” Hutchings says.

“If you elect me, I will work for the average citizen to stop this. I know I can do this job for the people because I’m one of them.”

Thomas Jefferson said, “We do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.” Please vote on May 21st.