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Comrade Omodt Gets Schooled AGAIN

BOTH Comrade Omodt and the Swearing Pastor Bradshaw owe Commissioner Williams an apology

Omodt Gets Schooled

Comrade Omodt Gets Schooled AGAIN

by Shari Dovale

Comrade Omodt attempted to manipulate the rules to his own benefit when he learned that he had scheduled a special meeting incorrectly.

On Monday, March 4, 2024, a special meeting was agendized, for an executive session.

pursuant to Idaho Code 74-206(1) (B) Personnel


Omodt Gets Schooled

Having incorrectly listed it as a personnel issue, Commissioner Williams pointed this out.

Williams was correct in mentioning out that the subject of the meeting was concerning 2 people who were Not employees of the county, though Comrade Omodt listed it as a ‘personnel’ issue.

Comrade Omodt and his henchman, the swearing pastor Steve Bradshaw, joined in to berate the lady and made snide and rude comments to her.

This is something the people in Bonner County are used to, as the previous board (with the swearing pastor Bradshaw as a member) did much of their business behind closed doors and called it all “personnel” regardless of the actual business.

The 2 CommissionMEN were forced to concede the points, as they were proven wrong, again. They did not take this lightly, as they continued to make rude comments to her, as can be heard on the accompanying audio of the meeting.

To again, make the point that Comrade Omodt does not understand how these agendas work, when it was shown that Commissioner Williams was, in fact, correct, the meeting was immediately re-noticed and re-agendized to reflect the changes.

It is now on the schedule for March 5th, Tuesday at 11:30am in the Bonner County Building.

pursuant to Idaho Codes § 74-206(1) (B) Personnel, 74-206(1)(D) Records Exempt, & 74-206(1)(F) Litigation

Omodt Gets Schooled

This is the same discussion that Commissioner Williams tried to have with these men last week, when they shut her down and insisted they knew better than she.

Bonner County Commissioners: What Did We Just Witness?

Bonner County Executive Session Authoritarians

I think BOTH Comrade Omodt and the Swearing Pastor Bradshaw owe Commissioner Williams an apology. Do you think either of the two narcissists will comply?


*I would like to thank Mr. Omodt for the compliment that was passed to me on his behalf, regarding his admiration on my exceptional reporting.


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  1. Commissioner Williams. You are so patient. Explain it again in case they missed it (again). 🙄

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