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Bunkerville Defendents Want to Talk About the Wooten Memo

Judge Navarro easily approved the petition within 24 hours and ordered the government to respond

Bunkerville Defendents Want to Talk About the Wooten Memo

Bunkerville Defendents Want to Talk About the Wooten Memo

by Shari Dovale

The Bunkerville Protest hits it’s 10th anniversary next month and the world continues to be captivated.

Eric Parker and Scott Drexler were two of the Bunkerville defendents that were tried over actions at the Bundy ranch in April 2014.

These men have always held that they followed all laws and continue to do so. Seeking relief through legal means, Parker and Drexler have filed a “Petition For Writ Of Error Of CORAM NOBIS” with the US District Court in Nevada.

Parker Filing

Drexler Filing

This Writ is an obscure part of law that allows a trial court to reconsider a verdict upon the discovery of new facts that were not available during trial.

In essence, these men are asking the court to overturn their plea agreements, which they agreed to after spending over a year in jail and suffering through 2 trials with a third pending on the horizon.

Judge Gloria Navarro could have easily denied the petition but she did not. She approved the petition within 24 hours and ordered the government to respond by April 17th. This gives a certain validity to the petition and hope to the defendants.

The basis for the request is the government’s withholding of vital information, including the Wooten whistleblower documents, that outline grave Brady violations by the prosecution.

Larry Wooten is a BLM whistleblower that came forward during the Bunkerville trial in Las Vegas and revealed the atrocities being committed by the Bureau of Land Managment (BLM) and the Federal Prosecutors in the case, headed by Steven Myhre.

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If the prosecution decides to challenge the Writ, Judge Navarro’s options will include oral arguments, which will, in turn, give the defendants the opportunity to argue the legitimacy of the 2014 court order to round up the Bundy cattle, all the allegations within the Wooton 2 memo, and who knowingly lied to the grand jury.

“I guess we can get to who the real conspirators were in this case,” Scott Drexler tells Redoubt News. “Various Bureaus and prosecutors of the Federal government that have been weaponized against the American people.”

For now, it is a waiting game as to how the prosecution will respond.

But waiting does not mean sitting on their heels, as these defendants have been hard at work exposing the corruption and weaponization of the federal government in their cases and beyond.

Parker and Todd Engel are seen here in Washington DC talking with lawmakers about their cases, “Wooten 2”, SPLC, and more.

Eric Parker and his fellow Bunkerville Protesters will not go quietly into the night. Stay tuned for more from these Patriots.

Read full 252-page Wooten docs, courtesy of Idaho Tribune