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The Facts About Proposition 2, Medicaid Expansion

Vote “no” on Proposition 2

The Facts About Proposition 2

The Facts About Proposition 2, Medicaid Expansion

Consider these facts before you vote on November 6:

At least 21,904 people have died on waiting lists in states that have Medicaid Expansion. About 650,000 disabled and handicapped have waited for years while the able bodied get health care before them (Foundation for Government Accountability). One little girl from Little Rock, Arkansas, waited for 10 years with a rare neurological condition called Schizencephaly, while the state enrolled 300,000 able bodied adults. (FGA)

I would agree with Dr. John Livingston, appointed by Gov Otter to the Your Health Idaho oversight board in 4/2013, “Medicaid Expansion will allow many people to believe that when the government steps in, they are discharged of their personal obligation to take care of their own family, friends, neighbors.” Besides taking away our right to help others in a personal way, we also lose the financial means to do so. Coercion and the loss of incentive to work reduce human dignity.

Dr Livingston highlighted, “The Wall Street Journal pointed out that there are 35 million people, mostly friends and family members who provide in-home health services to 55 million patients for free…. The price tag of this care: more than $500 billion a year….The $500 billion is almost equal to annual state and federal government Medicaid spending.” Wow, how will the government afford to pay for Medicaid Expansion? Will we be taxed beyond our means?

In the Parable of the Good Samaritan in the New Testament, Luke 10: 30-37, we find that charity is personal individual attention with donation of private funds. Nowhere in the Bible does Jesus say that the government should pay for the needy but He holds us accountable to help one another. If charity is coerced whether by taxes or another way, it is not charity. Charity is a personal free choice, detailed, loving, tender.

Proposition 2 expands funding to Planned Parenthood and expands funding for abortifacient contraceptive drugs (Right to Life of Idaho)

Vote “no” on Proposition 2

Sheryl Nuxoll
Cottonwood, ID


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