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The Idaho Shutdown Reveals Where the Legislators Stand

As a conservative Republican, I’ve had concerns...

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The Idaho Shutdown Reveals Where the Legislators Stand

As a conservative Republican, I’ve had concerns about Representative Dixon for some time, and now that he is running for a fourth term, we know a lot more about him. The shutdown of Idaho has brought to the fore which legislators stand with us and the Constitution, and which ones are the go-along-to-get-along types who have their eye on their careers. Dixon has shown himself to be among the latter.

It was a flag when three years ago in a radio interview he described himself as “not a fighter”. He repeated it at a townhall meeting. Apparently, he considers it a virtue.

During the shutdown, with the recall of the Governor underway due to the gross unconstitutionality of his actions, Dixon declined to support the recall. In his words, he did not think “what the Governor did rose to the level of a recall”. At that time, thousands of District 1 citizens had already signed the recall petition. He was obviously at odds with them, and he didn’t care. His allegiance lies with Boise, not Bonner and Boundary counties. It shows in the tens of thousands in large donations from legislative leaders and corporations, but few from citizens.

I am therefore voting for Dan Rose, a true conservative, who is running as a write-in candidate for this seat, District 1B Representative. His qualifications in public service and his commitment to the community as a volunteer are ongoing and impressive and can be found, along with his platform, at

Darrell Anderson

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