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LPOSD Levy Teaching Our Kids To Be Socialists

Please Vote No on March 12

LPOSD Levy Teaching Our Kids To Be Socialists

LPOSD Levy Teaching Our Kids To Be Socialists

How often do you see LPOSD students hosting car washes in order to garner funds for new sports uniforms, or to pay the transportation costs to that big game in Lewiston? Right, almost never. Do you know why? Because they don’t have to. The taxpayers of the district are required to fund 100% of all extracurricular activities.

What are we teaching our kids about “working” for those things in life that we don’t have to have, but like to have? By way of the levy, we are teaching them that they don’t have to work for these things, they only have to demand that they be paid for by taxpayers. In other words, we are teaching our kids to be socialists. Someone else has something that you want, (hard earned money) so you demand that they give it to you without having to work for it.

As a citizen, I well know, understand, and agree with my responsibility to educate our children. What I don’t agree with is being forced to pay 100% of all extracurricular activities? Why can’t the levy cover 80%? Why can’t parents pay the other 20%? Again, they don’t have to as long as taxpayers are paying the entire bill for everything they want.

It is high time for us to teach our children that they should help pay for the extra things they want in life. Please send the LPOSD back to the drawing boards by voting no on March 12th.

Jim Kelly


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