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North Idaho School District Wants Permanent Levy

Please vote NO on March 12.

North Idaho School District Wants Permanent Levy

North Idaho School District Wants Permanent Levy

The West Bonner County School District (WBCSD) has proposed a permanent annual public school levy. Property owners must have a voice in how their property taxes are used. The WBCSD board has stated the following reasons for support of a permanent levy:

(1) It will save the cost of having special elections,
(2) It will hold the bond amount at $3,000,000,
(3) if the State increases the money it provides to schools, the board can lower the levy, and
(4) The public needs an opportunity to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Following are the facts:

1) If WBCSD wanted to save taxpayers the cost of a special election, the school levy vote would be held in May with other county elections. They don’t because fewer people will vote against the levy if it is not held at the same time as other issues, and it is more likely to pass when summer residents are out of state.

2). Board members stated they still could raise the levy amount if they need to; they just have to bring it to the community for a vote. This nullifies both #1 and #2.

3) The District could reduce the amount of the levy in the future, but it won’t. WBCSD always has projects on hold because new projects demand more money. Once it is allotted to them permanently, they will spend it.

4) Voters may have an opportunity to say yes or no this year, but that will be the last time. If the levy passes, voters will lose the opportunity to ever say yes or no again.

Please vote NO on March 12.

Ingri Cassel
Spirit Lake


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5 Comments on North Idaho School District Wants Permanent Levy

  1. It doesn’t matter how much is appropriated. They will spend ALL of it and more. Look at history. It’s never enough. Never has been, never will be. Look at the salaries these people draw, look at the very comfortable surroundings they work in. How about you? Does any of this apply to you. It’s your tax money, vote as you please.

  2. Change your political status…you are not a citizen and not a subject and certianly not responsible for unconstitutional ” taxes. Throw the bums out you say ? You can’t fight city hall you say…how about govern yourselves, be ” city hall”. How is it that your employees are able to spend your money they steal by force from you with the threat of confiscating your property ? Where is the Constitutional Sheriff ? Is’nt he supposed to be protecting your rights ?… Have any of you ever asked these questions ? Want the answers ?
    If things seem backwards and contrary to how they are supposed to be , then they are , period. Lets fix this. We live in the land of plenty . There are no shortages of anything except common sense and critical thinking.
    They have you in a debt based system because in 1933 they stole your gold and money and allowed foriegn private bankers to sell you debt notesand you have no money to pay them back…thank that bastard Woodrow Wilson for the Federal Reserve, nothing ” federal” and absolutely no ” reserve ” and FDR who sold you , your property and children to pay the debt…
    Sorry to tell you the truth, now lets fix it.

    • Mr. Cote, you bring up an point that is not discussed enough, the “Gold Reserve Act of 1934”. On first being introduced to this it is easy to gloss over it as “a government thing” or “I’m sure they had their reasons for confiscating privately held gold and replacing it with a set amount of Federal Reserve Notes”. On second thought, it starts to occur to a Free People, “Wow, the government of the USA did that? Why wasn’t there banks being besieged and forced to return people’s gold…after all…these are Americans?” By it is really after digging in to the facts and taking a third thought that the enormity of the “Gold Reserve Act of 1934” starts to occur.

      Consider this phrase, “We need to pay down the National Debt”…well, if our National Debt is measured in Federal Reserve Notes and the Federal Reserve Notes were created through debt….paying them off would mean we would have:
      1) No Debt
      2) No Federal Reserve Notes, and
      3) No Money (Monetary System)

      (Note: There is some plus/minus to these assertions due to interest and write-offs)

      All we would have is our physical assets and our lives; not such a bad thing inasmuch people started with nothing but that before; Benjamin Franklin arrived in Philadelphia in the 1720’s with pennies in his pocket and the clothes on his back.

      Now this is where it gets interesting.
      United States Bullion Depository
      “In 1933, U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued Executive Order 6102, which outlawed the private ownership of gold coins, gold bullion, and gold certificates by U.S. citizens, forcing them to sell these to the Federal Reserve. As a result, the value of the gold held by the Federal Reserve increased from $4 billion to $12 billion between 1933 and 1937. This left the federal government with a large gold reserve and no place to store it. In 1936, the U.S. Treasury Department began construction of the United States Bullion Depository at Fort Knox, Kentucky, on land transferred from the military.”

      If all we will have left is our Physical Assets then the Robber’s Loot at Ft. Knox is a good point from which to start a Monetary System.

      Now, let’s run some numbers. The Coinage Act of 1792, after some ciphering, comes out to making a Dollar worth 24.75 Grains of Gold. There was not much Gold or Silver in the 13 States in 1792.

      The above link to the U.S. Bullion Depository says there are 261.5 million oz. troy in Ft. Knox (Some variations in the U.S. Gold Reserves and the Mint Act of 1792 due to “Pure” vs “Standard” Gold). 1 Troy Ounce has 480 Grains.

      That gives Ft. Knox 125,520,000,000 grains of Gold. Now, let’s say we want a Monetary System of $23 trillion just to give ourselves a buffer from where we are today to slow down…we have to do some more ciphering…dividing those numbers. Which gives us:

      .0054 Grains of Gold

      That is some respectable ciphering on tangible assets…pegging a Dollar to .0054 Grains of Gold using the 261.5 million oz. troy in Ft. Knox, the Robber’s Loot, gives us a Monetary System of $23 Trillion Dollars and no debt.

      It is also revealing that we can ascertain the loss of value of our Dollar…while not an explicit transition…from 24.75 Grains of Gold to our “on-the-fly ciphering” pegging of a Dollar to .0054 Grains of Gold.

  3. “We live in the land of plenty. There are no shortages of anything except common sense and critical thinking.”

    That is why people are still refusing to resort to violence. That is therefore why the enemies of liberty foreign and domestic are still working to impoverish everyone, to bring everyone to the point of resorting to violence.

    However, if you are fooled into thinking that this despotic government was created by Woodrow Willson or Franklin Delano Roosevelt, then it might be a good idea to learn better from worse, so as to avoid repeating very destructive errors.

    “But Hamilton wanted to go farther than debt assumption. He believed a funded national debt would assist in establishing public credit. By funding national debt, Hamilton envisioned the Congress setting aside a portion of tax revenues to pay each year’s interest without an annual appropriation. Redemption of the principal would be left to the government’s discretion. At the time Hamilton gave his Report on Public Credit, the national debt was $80 million. Though such a large figure shocked many Republicans who saw debt as a menace to be avoided, Hamilton perceived debt’s benefits. “In countries in which the national debt is properly funded, and the object of established confidence,” explained Hamilton, “it assumes most of the purposes of money.” Federal stock would be issued in exchange for state and national debt certificates, with interest on the stock running about 4.5 percent. To Republicans the debt proposals were heresy. The farmers and planters of the South, who were predominantly Republican, owed enormous sums to British creditors and thus had firsthand knowledge of the misery wrought by debt. Debt, as Hamilton himself noted, must be paid or credit is ruined. High levels of taxation, Republicans prognosticated, would be necessary just to pay the interest on the perpetual debt. Believing that this tax burden would fall on the yeoman farmers and eventually rise to European levels, Republicans opposed Hamilton’s debt program.

    “To help pay the interest on the debt, Hamilton convinced the Congress to pass an excise on whiskey. In Federalist N. 12, Hamilton noted that because “[t]he genius of the people will ill brook the inquisitive and peremptory spirit of excise law,” such taxes would be little used by the national government. In power, the Secretary of the Treasury soon changed his mind and the tax on the production of whiskey rankled Americans living on the frontier. Cash was scarce in the West and the Frontiersmen used whiskey as an item of barter.”
    Reclaiming the American Revolution: The Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions and their Legacy
    by William Watkins

    The central bank (under the color of law) scam goes way back in history, probably before the money changers in Biblical text, and to presume, or to conclude, without investigation, the determination that all this evil started in America in the 20th century is – in my opinion – criminally negligent.

    “…thank that bastard Woodrow Wilson for the Federal Reserve,”

    Who created a dictatorship in America from which a dictator could make all Americans pay for the crime of African Slavery, and all Americans can pay for the Central Banking Fraud, and all Americans can be conscripted (enslaved) to crush any failure to pay the false federal (national) extortion fee?

    “Who can deny but the president general will be a king to all intents and purposes, and one of the most dangerous kind too; a king elected to command a standing army? Thus our laws are to be administered by this tyrant; for the whole, or at least the most important part of the executive department is put in his hands.” Philadelphiensis IX, February 06, 1788

    See also the work of Anthony Sutton; please.

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