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Russ Fulcher is a Great Pick for Congress

Vote Russ Fulcher for Congress.

Vote Russ Fulcher Announces Congressional Run

Russ Fulcher is a Great Pick for Congress

He has proven he will do what the people of Idaho require. He has experience in the Idaho Legislature and in business, is 100% pro- life, and has an A+ rating from the NRA.

He will fight to uphold the Constitution.

Russ is a Family man and has a strong Faith.

Russ is devoted to going to Washington DC and do all he can to help Idaho be strong and independent and supports our President.

Rebecca Crea
Winchester Id


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1 Comment on Russ Fulcher is a Great Pick for Congress

  1. If Fulcher were such the great candidate, why didn’t he start a Independent “write-in” campaign for Governor, the position he really wanted in the first place? Then, the better C3 candidate, Michael Snyder, would’ve best served Idaho as our C3 Congressional representive.

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