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Regarding Lockwoods 911 Center Position

Please vote to Re-elect Dan McDonald!

Regarding Lockwoods 911 Center Position

Regarding Lockwoods 911 Center Position

Recently County Commissioner candidate Steve Lockwood decided to take to the press with a letter to the editor regarding 911 communications plans for Bonner County. Part of what Lockwood proposes is “Regionalization” of the county 911 system.

My issue is the cavalier approach Mr Lockwood refers to our 911 system, not accounting for the human aspect. As the husband of a Bonner 911 dispatcher, I am an ardent supporter of 911 dispatchers who, I consider, unsung hero’s in the public safety family!

Why would Lockwood make statements like “Regionalization will save money and lives”???? Please back this up with hard data and facts. He makes no effort to say that our current 911 system has saved countless lives!

He speaks of his work with AT&T as though he is an expert with emergency communications? He speaks as though our system is broke and the only savior is regional 911. I’m not at all saying regional 911 is bad, but there is a way to have that conversation other than putting down those who work as public safeties first line of defense!

He puts down Dan McDonald for being cautious looking at all different options and not just going headlong into regional 911. These are hard working employees who are looked at like they can be replaced easily. Really?? When you consider the average time required to train a 911 dispatcher is 4-6 months (it can be as much as 9) and there is a nationwide shortage, I’d say they are pretty important.

There is more to 911 communications than infrastructure which Mr Lockwood touts that he wants to improve. How about the people? Regionalization in many cases I wholeheartedly support and may indeed be a good idea, but I will support a candidate who isn’t out of touch with the county that elected him, and will be cautious in his approach to big decisions such as this.

If you live in district 3 please vote to Re-elect Dan McDonald!

Jeff Lindsey


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  1. Rationalization is an element of UN Agenda 21 – 2030 which Lockwood and his allies will finally put an end to American sovereignty and make us all world citizens with no rights to earnings or property.

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