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Heather Scott Is a Breath of Fresh Air

I would urge voters to re-elect Heather Scott.

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Heather Scott Is a Breath of Fresh Air

Not long after moving to North Idaho, after “escaping” from that state down south that gets weirder by the day, we met Heather Scott. What a breath of fresh air to have as our State Representative! She’s without a doubt the most approachable and involved elected official we’ve ever had the pleasure to know.

We were not used to that – calling or writing to a politician and actually getting a call or an email back, and within a reasonable time? Heather Scott takes her job very seriously.

In fact, you might say she lives it. And not just during the three months when the Legislature is in session. As far as she is concerned, constituent concerns don’t end after those three months – although I understand that’s all an Idaho legislator gets paid for because they are supposedly “citizen legislators” who just go home after the annual session ends. Maybe some do, but not Heather Scott.

She sends us regular legislative updates, information on important meetings citizens might find helpful, and lately, she’s been the only North Idaho legislator who shows up at public PacWest smelter meetings and offers her comments on the issue. She has followed them up with a request to the Governor and the Idaho DEQ for a full assessment of all impacts the smelter will have on our area. Her request included well over 100 questions to which residents of Bonner County need answers.

Please join me in giving this outstanding Representative another term on November 6.

Kandy and Bill Brumley
Cocolalla, ID


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