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Adamik Endorses Senate Candidate Danielle Ahrens

Join me in voting for Danielle Ahrens on May 15

Adamik Endorses Senate Candidate Danielle Ahrens

Ron Adamik for Idaho District 1 State Senate
Republican Primary Candidate Danielle Ahrens

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

We have a chance to climb out from under the RINO leadership our current State Senator has provided District 1 for a very long time, in my opinion more akin to Democratic Party “swamp values” than true conservative principles.

Danielle is a retired deputy sheriff and a committed Second Amendment supporter; she will do nothing to compromise the Second Amendment while in office.

In fact, she will work with conservative District IA State Representative Heather Scott to embrace and reaffirm the Second Amendment, exactly as the Great Founding Fathers intended. When asked: “Who are the militia, Founding Father George Mason replied: “The people” (Les Adams 1996, 102, Second Amendment Primer).

Some have asked me why all the emphasis on the second Amendment? There are other amendments in the Bill of Rights. Why yes there are. But brave patriots only the Second Amendment is the rock that all the others rest upon; damage that sacred rock, the foundation of all of our rights, and the whole structure will inevitably collapse and tyranny will eventually envelop us all!

For but one scenario, can you imagine being in Australia, France, Germany, or the UK should radical Quran (Koran) believing fanatical Islamic terrorists come your way with a Bowie knife or an AK-47 true military full-auto assault rifle? You know – looking to murder your infidel behind in adherence to the Sharia. No thanks! You are toast in these totalitarian states where self-defense is a relic of the past and guns are all but outlawed.

Because of Idaho’s constitutionally based citizen friendly laws respecting the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, you will have the opportunity to defend yourself with a firearm. Danielle and Heather Scott will ensure that God given right!

The rest of the conservative benefits in all areas of the social contract that you will reap by voting for Danielle is icing on the cake!

Danielle will not resort to medieval execution tactics to eliminate that evil malady known as abortion from the land; two monstrous wrongs do not make a right! Your 15 year old daughter who made a mistake will not be executed in a sadly misguided orgy of violence in a tepid attempt to remedy that diabolical malady known as abortion. Voting for Danielle will ensure reasonableness in applying the social contract in all circumstances.

Vote for Danielle in the District I Senatorial race! Let us send our champions Danielle and Heather to Boise on pure white stallions to deal with the Southern Idaho swamp; onwards good conservative soldiers in dresses but every bit as lethal!

Ron Adamik


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