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Perfect Choice for North Idaho

Heather Scott is the perfect choice for north Idaho

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Heather Scott is the perfect choice for north Idaho – hands down, she is the ONE candidate running for District 1-A Representative, who is NOT allowing big government to push her (or north Idaho) around! She is Endorsed by: 

  • Idaho Farm Bureau
  • NRA
  • Idaho Second Amendment Alliance
  • Idaho Republican Liberty Caucus
  • Idaho Chooses Life
  • National Federation of Independent Business NFIB/Idaho SAFE (Save America’s Free Enterprise)

Please, pay attention to your candidates and WHAT THEY STAND (or do NOT stand) FOR! Heather Scott is fighting for YOUR rights and freedoms-and it IS a battle. Call her or go meet her in person…I DARE YOU! Know the truth – Vote RIGHT!

Rebecca J. Huseby

Spirit Wings Music

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