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Keough PAC’s Victorious in Primaries

Informed residents are concerned and ready for a Change.

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Keough PAC’s Victorious in Primaries

By Christian Schwab

Idaho State District 1 Senator Shawn Keough barely took the victory in the primary from her opponent and businessman Glenn Rohrer who in election terms was an unknown challenger. For the second year Keough, a career politician, saw a tough challenge from the Conservatives in her district over her non-conservative voting record which she admits is only 50% conservative, leaving 50% questionable. The majority in her district don’t like change, growing government, or Corporate favoritism all of which Keough has pushed for the last 20 years.

Sen. Shawn Keough

The one aspect in this election which has the District upset is the sheer volume of PAC fliers which dominated mailboxes from her crony capitalist benefactors. Why so many? It seems companies like Simplot have a lot to lose as they press forward with their GMO potatoes while also under investigation in the Panama paper scandal as companies looked to other countries for tax shelters or in this case tax fraud. Questions kept rising throughout the election trying to find out what she is doing for Simplot to be such a benefactor for contributions.

As Sanders and Trump push back against big business buying favors from politicians Idaho will see 2 benefactors running in November Shawn Keough and Kate McAlister both have a past serving the biggest PAC in America the Chamber of Commerce.

Informed residents are concerned as the Chamber of Commerce no longer represent a group which go after the issues to secure American jobs to a group pushing amnesty, attacking politicians, and lobbying to give big business an advantage over small mom and pop stores and pushing for a new world order.

Some residents still see hope as Senator Keough will be going up against Steve Tanner, a Democrat even the Democrats hate, as they fight anyone not on the Hillary for President bandwagon.  All across the Country Bernie Sanders supporters are being forced to take matters into their own hands as Hillary’s supporters and the DNC try to stop his momentum in the winner take all States where he is dominating.

This time around Keough is likely to have another challenge on her hands. After barely winning the primaries the last 2 cycles, the Conservatives see Tanner as less of a threat to their freedom than the 20 year Republican Senator. A sign North Idaho is ready for a Change.

1 Comment on Keough PAC’s Victorious in Primaries

  1. First, Keough’s win over Rohrer was more substantial than her squeaker against Danielle Ahrens in 2014. Even by ultra conservative standards, Rohrer was a bad candidate. On top of that, the moderate Rs are now wide awake and understand that complacency loses elections. As for Steve Tanner, he will do worse than Fioravanti did in 2014.

    The thing you need to be more concerned about is whether Heather Scott can hold on to her seat. Two of her close colleagues–Sheryl Nuxoll and Shannon McMillan got knocked off in the 7th district primary. Given all the negative attention Scott has brought North Idaho, it’s now time for her to go. She can keep Todd Sudick company in the one-termer retirement home.

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