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Carter Retains Win in Boundary Recount

The final tally showed Carter with 153 votes to Wilson's 151 votes.


Carter Retains Win in Boundary Recount

A single vote difference prompted a recount in the Boundary County primary election.

The Naples Republican Precinct Committeeman seat was the focus, with both Ken Carter and David Wilson vying for the position. The original count was 152-151

As Boundary County Clerk, Glenda Poston, explained, this was the first time in anyone’s memory that Boundary County has had to perform a recount. There were a few delays while the procedures were verified, but overall, the morning’s events went pretty smoothly.

Though they did show a discrepancy, the overall reason for the recount was decided. Ken Carter actually gained another vote and retains the win. The final tally showed Carter with 153 votes to Wilson’s 151 votes.

Another discrepancy was noted in that there was one additional ballot than there were signatures. There was a ballot that went completely unmarked, as someone chose not to vote for anyone, but it was still a valid ballot, so it was required to be included in the count.

However, there was still the question of why they had an additional ballot, compared to the number of signatures listed in the official record book.

David Wilson

After working through the process for the afternoon, Poston tells Redoubt News that they did find out what happened. A citizen was in the process of moving from one precinct to another, still within Boundary county. They were issued a ballot in one precinct, but turned it in to their new precinct.

They did not get the correct ballot for their precinct, but they only voted once, Poston assures us.

All parties were pleased at the end of the day. Wilson tells us that he is impressed with the voting process and is proud to have been a part of it.

Wilson had never met his opponent before, but joined us to discuss today’s recount. “I hope, with his win, [Carter] is able to be a positive representative for our community,” Wilson explains. “That is ultimately what this is all about.”

Wilson also tells us that he plans to stay politically active, and intends to remain involved with his community.


by Shari Dovale