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Commissioner Bradshaw Announces for Idaho Governor

“One size fits all” Washington DC solutions just don’t work here ~Steve Bradshaw

Commissioner Bradshaw Announces Campaign for Idaho Governor

Commissioner Bradshaw Announces
for Idaho Governor

by Shari Dovale

Bonner County Commissioner Steve Bradshaw announced his candidacy for Idaho Governor with the platform: Restore Our American Republic.

We face tremendous threats from massive federal overreach to our way of life as Idahoans. Biden’s radical federal regime wants to run roughshod over the sovereignty of Idaho, and the freedom of Idahoans. Washington DC technocrats want to dictate every detail of how we live our lives. But their “one size fits all” Washington DC solutions just don’t work here. So I am never going to allow that to happen.”

The platform focuses on the state sovereignty of Idaho, and covers all major issues including Public Lands, Pro Life, Lockdowns, Second Amendment, and more.

In short, we will defend the sovereignty of the Great State of Idaho, and we will protect her against the radical Biden regime’s overreach from the DC swamp. We will protect the sovereignty of the entire state of Idaho, every inch of land within our borders, all of which falls within our dominion as a sovereign state. Yes, I am talking to you, Bureau of Land Management, National Forest Service. You are guests in our state, we are not sharecroppers in yours.”

The campaign website,, lists the complete platform. Emphasizing the current tyranny of forced vaccinations, and masks mandates, Bradshaw states that Idahoans are smart enough to make medical decisions for themselves.

I will not allow people to be vaccinated against their will. No one will be forced to wear a mask. Period.”

Bradshaw also pledges not to accept Federal dollars that have strings attached.

I will make sure we fund what we need to fund, but i will not accept any dollars with strings attached. Idahoans will not be dictated to by the swamp.”

This is a highly contested race with several candidates challenging the status quo.

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