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UPDATE: Joe Robertson – Navy Vet Needs YOUR Help!

He has had only one person authorized to see him in the nearly 10 months he has been incarcerated

UPDATE: Joe Robertson – Navy Vet Needs YOUR Help!

UPDATE: Joe Robertson – Navy Vet Needs YOUR Help!

by Shari Dovale

Joe Robertson sits in his cell in FCI Englewood Prison, convicted of digging a hole on his own property. His health is deteriorating. He has such a hard time getting around that he has been forced to skip meals, and has lost over 60 pounds!

Yet, the prison counselor, Ms. Bresee, continues to threaten Joe with punishment if he makes a fuss. She has previously had him thrown into solitary confinement for questioning her. The prison warden, Deborah Denham, has allowed this counselor to run roughshod over this 78 year old Navy Vet.

They have refused Robertson a proper walker, though other prisoners are allowed to have, and use, these same items. His knees are bone-on-bone, too painful to walk most days, and Joe has even been forced to crawl on his belly in order to get around the prison. He cannot get his laundry washed if he doesn’t have a friendly inmate willing to help him carry it.

The prison doctor, Dr. Cardova, has finally completed x-rays of Joe’s knees, agreeing with the VA Administration that Joe needs replacement surgery on both. Yet, he admits that it will take so long to get Joe the surgery that it doesn’t make sense to even submit the paperwork, so he didn’t bother.

The prison refuses to administer pain medication, or medication required to treat his PTSD. Joe is forced to suffer through the pain.

Though the doctor finally did get the x-rays, he has yet to deal with the multiple strokes that Joe is suspected of having while in prison. Robertson should have been given CT scans, yet the prison denies this treatment.

This is what happens when you defy the Federal Government!

Joe has even been denied visits by his friends and supporters. He has had only one person authorized to see him in the nearly 10 months he has been incarcerated, though many have tried. For four months, he was denied all contact with the outside world, including phone calls.

He was allowed only stamps and hygiene (with commissary) for 4 months, as well.

Because he did not get very good representation at his trials, or at his sentencing, Joe made multiple attempts to fire his Public Defender, Mike Donahoe. This incompetent attorney has refused to step aside and allow Joe to make decisions on his own life. See Donahoe response here.

President Trump has issued an executive order to “pave the way” to overturn the Obama Administration’s “Waters of the US” (WOTUS) rule. This should have been the catalyst to have Joe Robertson freed from prison, but he continues to sit there, not able to walk or get around.

Joe didn’t harm the environment, he helped it. Joe didn’t impact a “water of the U.S.” in any way, as proven by Ray Kagel. All he intended was to help his neighbors, his community, and his animals.

The elected officials seem to have given up on Joe. They have certainly Not made any headway, and in some cases, no efforts at all. Senator Cory Gardner has been aware of Joe’s plight but has refused to help him.

Please contact the following people. Let’s get Joe some help!

If you need it, you can use free online fax. No machine needed, use this link:

Michael Donahoe
phone: 406-449-8381
fax: 406-727-4329

Washington, DC Office
Phone: 202-224-2651
FAX: 202-224-9412
Phone: (406) 245-6822
fax: (406) 702-1182

Senator Cory Gardner
P: (202) 224-5941
Form to email Senator Cory Gardner:

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2 Comments on UPDATE: Joe Robertson – Navy Vet Needs YOUR Help!

  1. I have just upped the antee for this effort, as it worked for me in one instance many years ago when I couldn’t get a response from a municipal branch over a matter. I wrote my letter of inquirey, went to the copy shop and made 50 copies of that letter. I then addressed and stamped 50 8×11 loud colored envelopes. I determined that I would send one every day until I got a response. After about the 15th envelope I sent, my phone was ringing off the hook and the department was asking me to please stop sending the copies because every person in the entire building was all working on my case at that point and it was causing problems for them. ;() So hey, after months of being flat out ignored, I got their attention and it worked.

    I wouldn’t normally go to that option, except the fact of reading that Poor old Joe is crawling on his stomach to get around, and the horrific people in his prison think that is ok to do to a person…a veteran no less… and that just makes me sick.

    So… multiple copies, multiple envelopes…please start sending them. For just a few cents each, we can make sure the message actually reaches President Trump before they (the EPA, the corrupt greenies, the corrupt judicial system that prosecuted him, etc.) have managed to kill Joe for doing nothing wrong at all.

  2. Print out this story and the link and send the printed copy to President Trump- I’m totally serious- he seems to be the only person willing to actually DO something to help real Americans. The rest of the elected people are worthless- 98% of them anyway- just have their hands out.
    Cut the worthless middlemen and go straight to the top. Ask him to please pardon our honored US Navy Veteran ASAP:

    The White House

    President Trump

    1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

    Washington D.C.20500

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