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Joe Robertson Thrown In Solitary Confinement

It is time to double down on phone calls and emails. Let's get this veteran some help!


Joe Robertson Thrown In Solitary Confinement

by Shari Dovale

Joe Robertson is a 77-year old veteran who has been wrongly convicted of defying the Federal government through the Clean Water Act. He was convicted of digging a stock pond on his property that was 60 miles away from the Jefferson River, which the government claims he polluted with his pond.

We have been reporting on the unconstitutional treatment he has received at the hands of the Federal government through the court system and the Bureau of Prisons (BOP). When they do not get their way, the BOP shows it’s butt-hurt attitude and punishes this veteran in more torturous ways.

Now, Joe Robertson has been put into Solitary Confinement for getting upset at the illegal activity of FCI Englewood. He disagreed with Counselor Bresee, who is supposed to be his advocate, and she sent him to the hole.

All he asked for was to have his mail marked “Legal” to not be searched outside of his presence. The searching of this legal mail is regulated to be done only in his presence, however, FCI Englewood decided they were above the law and mistreated this old man just because they can. He challenged them on the law, and they threw him in the hole.

He still has not received proper medical treatment for his strokes, his dizziness, or his PTSD. He is having heart issues that they have not bothered to diagnose. He needs to get to a hospital, yet the Federal Government, through FCI Englewood, refuses to do so.

Instead, he was sent to Solitary Confinement for 3-4 weeks. He was there for over a week when he was unexpectedly released because it is Veterans Day. However, when he was returned to his cell, he found that the guards had stolen all of his belongings, including everything he had purchased from the prison commissary. Everything was taken from him without compensation.

His friends and family have been in constant contact with Senator Cory Gardner, who has thus far refused to get personally involved. They have also contacted Congressman Mike Coffman.  They have all been too busy with the recent election to take the time to help Joe.

The elections are over. All of these folks that were running have now been reelected. They no longer have this excuse. It is time to double down on phone calls and emails.

Senator Gardner’s office: (202) 224-5941

Mike Coffman’s office: (202) 225-7882

Mike Donahoe (Joe’s attorney): (406) 449-7539

Let’s get this veteran some help!



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9 Comments on Joe Robertson Thrown In Solitary Confinement

  1. Get a petition going immediately. Send it around the internet and get as many signatures as possible…the more you get, the better it is, the more people involved the better. SEND an ACTUAL letter to president elect Trump. will show you how. See if any media outlets will pick up the story. God Bless you all and may He hear your prayers.

  2. When a new president takes office the first thing they do is fire all the federal judges that the previous President appointed.. I heard it on Rush.. So there may be hope after Jan 20.

    • Nope, federal judges are appointed for life, unless removed via impeachment for bad behavior. Prosecutors are not though.

  3. Just tried to call the Donahoe number and it has been disconnected. Sounds like he is not wanting to talk about this case.
    Has he abandoned his client?

  4. So sad what our country has turned into. A criminal can run for president, a state wants to extend medical benefits to illegals, our veterans do not get the help they earned and a man can be put in prison for building a pond on his property, a father and son can be put in prison for 5 years for starting a back fire to protect his livestock and home and thugs can burn buildings, businesses, cop cars and not be punished.

  5. So then, the Russian KGB is alive and well in the US.

    Just baffles me that there are no legalities that can step in to put a stop to this. Even banana republics have legal recourse that would prevail against this kind of Nazi behavior.

  6. Sheesh, give some people a little power and authority and sit back and watch how badly they’ll abuse others with it!! This is unwarranted criminal action against Robertson. All of it!!

  7. The hell with all that, get a message to Trump’s team, they’ll love the chance to start helping the little people against the machine!

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