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Senator Gardner Needs to Help Joe Robertson

Please call Senator Gardner's office at (202) 224-5941

Senator Gardner Needs to Help Joe Robertson

by Shari Dovale

Joe Robertson is being mistreated at FCI Englwood outside of Denver, Colorado.

Robertson was convicted after two trials for digging a stock pond on his property in Montana. First, the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) put him through several transfers and hard travel known as Diesel Therapy. Over a month later, he finally ended up at FCI Englewood in Colorado.

sasha2This 77 year old veteran is known to be in bad health, including being treated for PTSD due to his military service in Vietnam. He even had a service dog named Sasha.

After he was incarcerated, he suffered at least one stroke yet did not receive proper medical treatment. He now suffers from permanent double vision and dizziness, as well as heart palpitations and possibly further strokes or seizures.

Not only is Joe not getting medical care for the multiple issues he is dealing with, but now the warden has dictated that his mail – marked for his Legal Team – will be searched outside of his presence. There are regulations that strictly forbid this, however, FCI Englewood has put themselves above the law.

Joe’s attorney, Mike Donahoe, is not being helpful at all, as usual. All he has done is file for extensions to paperwork deadlines.

Senator Cory Gardner has been made aware of the situation, and understands that he needs to be directly involved to get Joe the help he needs. His Denver office staff has been very helpful to Joe, but the Senator has dropped the ball and not gotten involved himself.

This needs to change!

Senator Gardner must be called out to get involved directly, or Joe’s situation will not be taken seriously by the warden or the guards. Please call Senator Gardner’s office at  (202) 224-5941  and ask that he get Joe the help that he needs.

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