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Joe Robertson Gets Ambushed At Sentencing

Joe was sentenced to 18 months in prison and 3 years of probation.


Joe Robertson Gets Ambushed At Sentencing

By Shari Dovale

A farce of a sentencing trial took place today in Missoula, Montana for Joe Robertson, the 77 year old disabled veteran that was wrongly convicted of building a stock pond on his property.

The 3-1/2 hour hearing was, obviously, designed to upset the crowd that showed up to support Robertson. Over 3 dozen citizens traveled from many states to stand by him today, showing solidarity.


The judge had several pages of speeches already written that were designed to upset and offend the spectators and Joe. The hearing began with an hour long discussion of motions that were never truly considered by the judge, as he read his pre-written responses.

While describing the trial, the judge made statements that were derogatory and inflammatory against Joe, including saying that Joe’s comments about his “beautiful ponds” were non-responsive to the court. Judge Malloy also said that Joe was only attempting to gain sympathy with the jury through those statements, as if it were wrong for Joe to want the jury on his side.

Malloy commented on Joe’s attempts to bring evidence into the trial showing the EPA agents blatant manufacturing of evidence as “just not true” and that Joe’s “antics” were just making everyone’s job more difficult.

Malloy went on to say that one day when Joe was late for court, this just showed that Joe had a complete disregard for the law.

Sasha, Joe’s Service Dog, after the sentencing hearing.

Prosecutor Nelson had his turn next, and stood at the dais and completely maligned Joe and the spectators. At one point, Nelson turned to look at the crowd, waving his hands around at them, and implied that we were there because Joe flat out lied to them, and that was another reason that Joe should be locked up.

When he first started referencing the crowd, there was an audible commotion, as it was designed to do. Calls were heard of “incitement” and “offensive” and Judge Malloy decided it was time to start throwing people out of the courtroom. I was the second person removed as I “inappropriately coughed” when the people in the gallery were referenced as Joe’s “Malheur Friends.”

Additionally, Nelson referenced an interview with John Jacob Schmidt, from Radio Free Redoubt, and said that Joe had threatened the Forest Service and the court with statements on the show saying that he (Robertson) will avail himself of his 2nd amendment rights.

Nelson said that the Forest Service Officials heard the threats and they had a “chilling effect on them.” This was to imply that Joe was a danger to society, all over a few stock ponds for fire prevention.

Nelson continued on with Robertson’s statements that the public defender was not doing his job. The prosecutor proceeded to defend the defense attorney for doing such a wonderful job, (and losing on every point). Don’t forget that Mike Donahoe, the defense attorney, refused to submit evidence of an environmental impact report that exonerated Robertson. There was an expert witness, Ray Kagel of Kagel Environmental, on hand today to testify on Joe’s behalf. The Judge refused to allow not only the testimony, but the admittance of the report that Kagel prepared for him.

Sasha, still looking for her Master after they took him away in handcuffs.

The defense attorney, Mike Donahoe, must have been basking in this bliss because he never once made a single objection to the slanderous statements the Judge and the prosecutor were making. Not a single objection. He also did not attempt to have Kagel’s report or testimony admitted into the record, leaving that to Joe and the spectators to question.

The results of the hearing had Joe sentenced to 18 months in prison and 3 years of probation. They also fined him $130,000 to repair his “damage”, $12,000 in attorney fees, and other various fines.

They also stripped him of his second amendment rights for life, told him he was not to be with anyone that had guns, and he is not allowed to have any surveillance equipment, recording devices, or other protection at his home or on his person as they might interfere with the police.

They took him straight from the courtroom in handcuffs without even allowing him to say goodbye to his wife, Carri, or reassure his service dog, Sasha.


This was a Kangaroo Court show that was worthy of an Oscar. It was an ambush from before it began. The Department of Homeland Security was in a building across the street, second floor, making every show of recording the protesters. The FBI made a huge presence for intimidation only.

The protesters, however, were expecting them, and did not feel the scare tactics. It takes Patriots like Joe and Carri Robertson, as well as the people that traveled to be with them today, to stare down this out-of-control government.

They have gone full Monty on the citizens and exposed the naked truth. The citizens of this country are under tyranny. We must take our country back!

The Americans Are Coming!

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    • It was his land. The man was convicted for building ponds ON HIS OWN LAND, by a ludicrously corrupt EPA, JUDGE, AND PUBLIC DEFENDER. where did you get lost??

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