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UPDATE * Joe Robertson * Prison Refusing Medical Care

A call-to-action has been made to help get Joe proper medical care.


UPDATE * Joe Robertson * Prison Refusing Medical Care

by Shari Dovale

Joe Robertson arrived at FCI Englewood, a prison outside of Denver Colorado, on September 9, 2016 after being hauled around the country under what is known as ‘Diesel Therapy.’

Prior to Robertson’s arrival in Colorado he suffered a stroke but was never given proper medical treatment including a CT scan. Due to the stroke, his health is deteriorating rapidly, including permanent double vision. He has been denied his service dog and treatment for PTSD which he suffers from dating back to his military service in the Vietnam War.

Since arriving at FCI Englewood, Joe has been denied further medical treatment and has suffered from fainting spells. He recently fainted in his counselor’s office but was not taken to the hospital. He was sent back to his cell with some water.

Joe has also been denied all visitors. There are family friends in the area that have been jumping through hoops to get on his visitor list, but after seven weeks, they continue to be denied.

Senator Cory Gardner has been made aware of the situation and has been trying to help Robertson for at least a month, however, he also is being denied access to the inmate.

Robertson’s attorney of record, Mike Donahoe, has deliberately delayed his appeal on his conviction of digging a stock pond on his personal property in Montana. The latest filing shows Donahoe requesting another 30-day delay.

This has been a railroad job against Joe since the beginning. Now he worries that the Federal government is trying to kill him through lack of basic care. He is 77 years old, and his health is poor. If he dies while in Federal custody, the appeal is over and there will be no more investigation into the corruption that put him into custody.

So the Feds really do have an interest in Joe’s early demise.

A call-to-action has been made to help get Joe proper medical care, visits from family and friends, and help from Senator Cory Gardner. They are asking for phone calls to the following:

Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) CALL DC OFFICE (202) 307-3198

Colorado Senator Cory Gardner (202) 224-5941

Form to email Senator Cory Gardner…/help-with-a-f…/other-issues


Joe Robertson’s information:

Register Number: 13726-046

FCI Englewood

Fax: 303-763-2553

6 Comments on UPDATE * Joe Robertson * Prison Refusing Medical Care

  1. He needs another attorney and more media coverage. One Senator just isn’t enough. Contact Oathkeepers for resources and contacts. This attorney has failed to protect his client, and continues to throw Mr. Robertson to the wolves. Frustrating, but family and friends need to be diligent and loud. This is a rerun of the Hammond travesty, and example of the federal government working under the dark shadow of this Administration. Hang in there Joe, this will not go unnoticed.

  2. I am sickened by this outright illegality involved in clearly trying to murder Robertson just as clearly as they murdered Lavoy Finicum. The behavior of the Obama admin for the last 8 years has been truly criminal and the laws of the nation and our Constitution are being arrogantly walked all over. The courts are the last resort for trying to get justice in legal matters. Obviously, the courts have been corrupted at every single level in the country. Congress and the Supreme Court are all compromised and now a joke. There is no balance of powers as our Founding fathers set our gov’t up. No one is able to step in and stop this renegade outlaw Obama admin. So, what resource does that leave us?

    The railroading of Robertson EVERY step of the way is what we would expect out of an Iranian system of gov’t and judiciary system.

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