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The Sheriff That Cried Wolf

Knezovich claims that these Conservatives are expanding extremism through Christianity and politics

The Sheriff That Cried Wolf

The Sheriff That Cried Wolf

by Shari Dovale

Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich has been crying about the dangers of local conservative Christians for years. He has shown himself to be completely obsessed with the idea that he must lead the charge to get these people out of office.

It has not worked to date, so the Sheriff tried again this week and screamed WOLF to a crowd in Spokane Valley. He had a few takers, but not enough.

Claiming that some local and state elected officials, and their supporters, are expanding extremism through Christianity and politics, Knezovich comes off as a sad little man that either has lost his perspective or is projecting the things he and his own small cult are doing.

Yes, Sheriff Knezovich is growing his own narrow-minded sect of extremists, including the informant Jay Pounder.

Pounder is an admitted informant. He is known to ingratiate himself into a group and then turn on them later. I suggest the Sheriff watch his back when it comes to this canary.

He started a chat group, initiated violent rhetoric within the group, doxxed people to the group, and did his best to stir up hatred with the groups members.

He then added a State Representative to the group, without telling him of the conversations the group had been having. Pounder deliberately lied to this Conservative about the nature of the group, and then tried to blame the entire conversation on the Representative.


He publicly lied about his part in this group, and only came clean when the truth was revealed against him. And, he continues to make hateful statements, in attempts to increase the divide within the local communities.

Let’s not forget the White Supremacist and Christian Identity believer, John Smith, who has yet to be forthcoming on all of his history. He seems to be the Sheriff’s lead co-conspirator in his war against the conservatives.

However, Smith declared during the event that he had left the White Supremacist movement as a teenager, at about 14-15 years old.

When I was a teenager, I made the choice that that wasn’t the lifestyle for me, that wasn’t the belief system that I wanted to build my life on, and I picked up and left.” he stated.

What Smith didn’t tell everyone is that he was was still attending this church long after he claimed to have left. It leaves one to wonder: Why would he lie about that?

Smith is married to another descendant of these beliefs, the former Dezarae Bright, granddaughter of Christian Identity pastor Ray Barker, and their marriage took place at the Christian Identity Church called “The ARK” in Stevens County.

He told a reporter for the Spokesman-Review in 2013 that his repeated attendance at the ARK was “essentially community events like potlucks”. Based on these statements, he is indicating that he stopped attending this church some time after his marriage.

This would all be well and good except that the facts keep changing, little bits at a time. The story continues to evolve.


Again, when did he stop adhering to Christian Identity? Did he ever really stop? He stated at the event this week that “What you will hear from a lot of people is that, you know like, they will talk, as if, White Supremacy or Anti-Semitism is like gluten. That just one day you can decide to give it up. But that’s not the case.”

He also admitted that “If today if you were to ask me, “Are you a racist?” the honest answer that I can give you is ‘I don’t want to be.’ ”

So, is he still a racist? He doesn’t really know. Is he projecting his beliefs and fears onto the local Christian conservatives to deflect from his own behavior? This is a very real possibility.

Knezovich, under color of authority as an elected Sheriff, uses his position to divide the county and state into factions. Usually, you will find him repeatedly denigrating these Conservatives on his radio podcast “Sheriff’s Report”. He believes you are either with him or against him. There can be no in-between for this crew.

Along with the typical rants, this Sheriff’s posse attacked many good people this week, including citizens they have never met. They maligned anyone that they considered to be religious zealots, anyone not accepting their definition of diversity, and even the pro-life activists.

The Sheriff That Cried Wolf
(You Tube)

Knezovich is so completely obsessed with building his own little cabal throughout Spokane, that he personifies the phrase that they are “Living Rent Free In His Head”. One might wonder what the end game is for him? This has become a full-blown delusion for him that may have just taken over his whole life.

How many more times will Ozzie Knezovich holler WOLF! to the good citizens of Washington, before he gives up on this mania against good conservatives? When will he realize that, like the boy in the fable, the people are starting to ignore him.

In 2016, Knezovich announced that he would run for the seat held by Cathy McMorris Rogers when she was on President Trump’s short list to become Secretary of the Interior. This week, he said that he is retiring in 2022. He plans to pursue a master’s degree so that he might teach at the college level.


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4 Comments on The Sheriff That Cried Wolf

  1. Pounder called on Matt to repent and come to his side and THEY would provide psychological counseling for him. Wow! They want Matt, and I am sure all of us that they disagree with, to go to government re-education centers. Pounder is the one who needs counseling.
    Also, they rail against Christian dominionists for wanting Christ in every area of life, yet they themselves seek their own dominion over everyone. And hypocrit John Smith says not to paint groups with a broad brush, and then proceeds to paint Christian dominionists with the broad brush of racist and white supremacist.
    Then there is the ‘dear’ sheriff who believes that it is ok for him to train those that agree with him to fight, but it is not ok for Christians to train to fight. The defense of one’s self and the innocent is a biblical command. If one does not stand against evil, whatever form it takes, they are worse than an infidel. Psalm 144:1 A Psalm of David. Blessed be the LORD my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight:

  2. Bwahaha! It says snitch J.Pounder and shows a pair of shorts on fire. Uh huh huh…heh heh.
    Did Barney Fife ever consider moving to a glorious people’s republic like California? They might be more in line with his thinking there.
    All comrades are free to go about the collective in the pursuit of most equal results for all.

  3. All of the recent Spokane events make the Kavannah hearing look like child’s play. I am amazed that a law enforcement office ( the Spokane Sheriff’s Office) is using informants to go against the Sheriff’s critics. Not only that but they have weaponized a couple of attention-starved individuals to bring them in the mix and set the stage for liars incorporated. One of them tells numerous stories about that evil Matt Shea, with only mention to the media they drool over every unsubstantiated word. A reference to a biblical sermon? A “Signal chat”? And the other one that was a Washington State Senator. He has a history himself. I personally don’t care if he embraces or denies the Christian Identity movement, but his obsession with the Marble Fellowship is only because Matt uses it for a safe venue for speaking engagements, so it isn’t crashed by the whackos.

  4. .
    Sheriffs are elected. Why don’t the voters just throw this poor obsessed narcissistic man out? He can’t admit he has faults, dodges a straight answer, and clearly has mental problems.

    Or maybe the TDS voters are just as deranged as he is.

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