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Being Called Out By Establishment RINO Hacks

Are there any lines that Dixon will not cross?

Establishment RINO Hacks

Being Called Out By Establishment RINO Hacks

by Shari Dovale

It is always amusing when I hit the target and the most vocal mouthpieces have to jump up to respond on behalf of their favorite Liberal-RINO politicians.

This keeps the politician from having to speak publicly, and they can they pretend later to not know anything about it. This is typical spin and Leftist tactics.

It also proves that I am living in their head rent-free, and they are obsessed with what I might write next. Trying to keep the masses from reading my work is actually the best advertising I could dream of.

I recently wrote about the jet-setting and globe-trotting Idaho Representative Sage Dixon: Your Jet-Setting RINO Rep. Sage Dixon

The article includes references to the Leftist Think Tank ‘The American Legislative Exchange Council’ (ALEC) of which Dixon has been a member for several years, and now sits on the board.

This garnered attacks by his yes-man, and fellow establishment RINO, Dan McDonald. Bonner County Commissioner McDonald is the lame duck that is desperately trying to retain relevance because he is due to leave office in a matter of hours. 

McDonald has certainly lost steam from the normal vitriol and venom that he usually throws out at the voters. This is all he could come up with for me:

Being Called Out By Establishment RINO Hacks

Being Called Out By Establishment RINO Hacks

Yes, Sage Dixon takes exception to me calling him out as a RINO establishment hack. I have said that his association with the Think Tank known as ALEC is a problem that he should address.

Dixon sits on the board for ALEC and promotes the Article V Conventions, aka Convention of States, though he has publicly stated that he does not.

As you can see, I admit that Dixon has publicly stated that he does not support an Article V Convention, also known as a “Con-Con” or a Convention of States. Yet, as you can see, Dixon hosted a luncheon event in Boise to promote an Article V convention:

McDonald tells us: Regardless what ALEC promotes, Dixon has been very vocal about his opposition to both Article 5 Conventions and mandated Vaccines.

Dixon gets donations from Big Pharma because of his associations with ALEC.

He has also said that he willingly takes money from Big Pharma, as well as others, because they do not expect anything in return. (And he might possibly be selling swamp land in Florida. Someone should give him a call about it.)

Lobbyists donate to election campaigns because it works! This is not just a donation to these companies, it is an investment. They continue giving them money because they continue to gain influence with them.

Dixon claims that he needs the political donations and he feels that it is up to the voter to determine if there is a conflict of interest, not him.

This must mean that Dixon has no standards that he is willing to fight for, if he will take money from anyone. Dontcha think?

Let’s look a little closer at that.

If a hard core Liberal joined the ranks of the John Birch Society, do you think he would be called Liberal or Right-Wing?

Could anyone put on the robes of the KKK and not expect to be described as a racist?

Can one really believe that a person could donate money to Planned Parenthood and still call themselves Pro-Life?

Should a conservative politician return campaign donations from the American Atheists or the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force if received? What about the Democrat-Socialists of America? Or the Satanic Temple?

Are there any lines that Dixon will not cross? He does not have a problem with Big Pharma or the Con Job called the “Con-Con”.

If your elected official is tied to an objectionable organization, they have made themselves objectionable. If they are members of a Centrist group, they themselves are Centrist and cannot call themselves a real conservative. If they promote Leftist policies, they are a Leftist.

And if you choose to attend and speak at United Nations New World Order Globalists conventions, then You Are A Globalist!

ALEC promotes Leftists policies, like Mandatory Vaccines. They partner with Big Pharma who is in league with George Soros and other communists. Dixon is a long standing member of ALEC and now sits on their board.

Additionally, since we are on the subject, I would like Dixon to publicly explain how he got around the mandatory vax requirements for flying to Germany? Did he get the Covid Jab, or not?

Insulting the intelligence of the American people is not going to win you any points. But you and your yes-men buddies can continue to spout the Liberal talking points and hope that just enough of the voters will keep you in office.

Call it what you will.



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2 Comments on Being Called Out By Establishment RINO Hacks

  1. The Nancy McPelosi Republican is the real face of the uniparty.
    I believe he never had an opponent in primaries. The uniparty
    had selected him, a leftist San Francisco Democrat, to be
    the Republican candidate. His replacement, a leftist
    Democrat, was also selected by the uniparty

  2. “If a hard core Liberal joined the ranks of the John Birch Society, do you think he would be called Liberal or Right-Wing?”

    Why in the name of God would anyone join such a bigoted organization? Haven’t they hear the true love of Christ and taken his word into their heart?

    Pray for these poor, misguided individual so they can join the legions of the Lord!!!

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