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Behind the Push for Mandatory Vaccines

ALEC is a force behind the current drive for mandatory vaccine bills

Behind the Push for Mandatory Vaccines

Behind the Push for Mandatory Vaccines

by Shari Dovale

Several Liberty Legislators went to Boise this week in an attempt to form a quorum to take issue with the unconstitutional mandates coming out of Washington DC. This was not the first time they have attempted to call themselves back into session to protect the people’s God-given rights. Just like the previous occasion, they did not have enough legislators willing to stand by their oaths and do what the people elected them to do.

So you have a small group of legislators that actually listen to their constituents, versus … who? Who is the prime mover of mandating vaccines in our state?

It is easy to name one or two people, but does that sound plausible? Can one or two people actually be the Goliath against the overwhelming number of citizen-Davids? We have to look deeper than these few establishment money-motivated betrayers and find their source of power.

We can start by looking at the Big Pharma contributions through the sunshine reports: Idaho Campaign Public Portal

However, the dots of these contributions will connect back to a surprising source: The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)

ALEC is often described as a nonprofit organization of mostly conservative state legislators and corporate representatives who draft state-level legislation for distribution among state governments. But it goes so much further than that. Basically, they are a Big Corporate Bill Mill, where they bring the corporations to the table to negotiate directly with the state legislators.

Their website describes many conservative goals, using buzzwords like “the best free market ideas” to promote them, such as Fiscal Responsibility and Worker Freedom. These are great ideas, but they are merged with other, less conservative agendas which they don’t generally point out,

As you move down the page, you will find their statement on Vaccines:

Vaccine Distribution

As Americans are hoping to return to life as normal, based on the evidence, COVID-19 vaccines play a major role in preventing cases in general and, at the very least, reducing the severity of them. Vaccines give many Americans confidence to resume activities that had been halted in 2020, as states locked down their communities.

How the COVID vaccines are being allocated and administered is important in each state. Federalism and public-private partnerships are more important than ever, and it is easy to see in the public-private partnerships that have made Operation Warp Speed possible.

No where do they admit that they have an agenda to promote mandatory vaccines throughout the country.

ALEC Behind Recent Push For Mandatory Vaccination

ALEC is also a major pusher of laws regarding medical issues – not merely in the context of the American healthcare system, but also in the context of personal choice.

Despite all the rhetoric of ALEC and its puppets in Congress, the position of the organization and its puppets is not necessarily in favor of personal choice. This much has been made clear in the form of mandates and force of law, particularly in the area of vaccination.

This should not be surprising considering ALEC’s many Big Pharma members. While the organization is made up of a plethora of major corporations Big Pharma makes up a sizable portion of its ranks.

Below are a very small few of pharmaceutical companies that are part of ALEC’s operations.

      • Astellas Pharma Inc.
      • Bayer
      • Dupont (Dupont Merck Pharmaceuticals)
      • Eli Lilly
      • Endo Pharmaceuticals
      • Express Scripts
      • GlaxoSmithKline
      • Hoechst- Roussell Pharmaceutical Corporation
      • Hoffman La-Roche
      • Imperial Chemical Industries Pharmaceuticals
      • Johnson & Johnson
      • Mylan Pharmaceuticals
      • Novo Nordisk
      • Pharmacia and UpJohn
      • Purdue Pharma
      • Pfizer
      • Solvay Pharmaceutical
      • Takeda Pharmaceutical
      • TEVA Pharmaceuticals
      • TogetherRX Access (made up of ABBVIE, GSK, Janssen, Lifescan, Pfizer, Stiefel, Viiv Healthcare, Vistakon Pharmaceuticals)
      • The UpJohn Co.

ALEC promotes many conservative causes, yet it seems to spend more time and resources on the wish list of it’s corporate donors, rather than what the citizens demand. They appear to be all over the place on many of their stances, with their bills reflective of both Conservative and Liberal/Progressive viewpoints.

About 1,000 bills based on ALEC language are introduced each year, with 20% of them being enacted. Many of the members are Big Pharma companies. ALEC is a driving force behind the current drive for mandatory vaccine bills, which are a source of enormous profits for drug manufacturers. –G. Edward Griffin



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