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Globalist In Sheep’s Clothing

The US Constitution does not need to be rewritten. It needs to be Reread.

Globalist In Sheep’s Clothing

Globalist In Sheep’s Clothing

by Shari Dovale

Globalism is the orthodoxy of our day. The leaders of virtually every western nation are globalists. It is the editorial position of every major newspaper. The majority of CEOs are globalists. Every western university pushes globalist ideas. There’s a good reason for this: Globalization is a great money making machine for the globalist elite.

Globalists are the promoters of One World government, Agenda 21/2030, climate change activists, and sponsors of destroying the US Constitution.

A notable globalist event took place 2 years ago, and is still being discussed today. Calling it #FederalismDays, the conference sponsors included the Hanns Seidel Foundation and Eurac Research.

The Hanns Seidel Foundation is a German party-associated and taxpayer-money funded political research foundation, and celebrated for their promotion of the sustainability goals for Agenda 2030,

Scholarship Organization

[…] who are willing to cooperate constructively and with dedication in forming our liberal state under the rule of law. There are a large number of applicants from which the Scholarship Organization tries to select those students which outstanding achievements, social political dedication and personal qualities.


Eurac Research collaborates with international organizations in the context of sustainable development and energy technology. From their website:

Through interaction between a variety of disciplines our research addresses the greatest challenges of the future: keeping societies healthy, fostering intact environments, promoting sustainable energy and developing well-functioning political and social systems.

Understanding how these organizations can promote Federalism can be difficult, unless you preface the discussion with how Federalism has also taken on a new definition of late.

At the time of our founders, the Federalists wanted a larger, more controlling main government, and the Anti-Federalists wanted a smaller central government with more power going to the states. This adapted into a dual federalism system that retained the sovereignty of the individual states.

Yet, there are many people that desire the Federal government to build it’s control of the states to a great degree, and minimize the sovereignty of the states. This began with cooperative federalism, a form of governance that gives shared, and overlapping, responsibility to national and state governments.

Yet, the globalists want even more power for themselves and have modified the discussions to include creative federalism, which gives more power to the Federal government and diminishes the power of the individual states.

Federalism has morphed into a tool for the powerful. This change has turned the states into the servants of the Federal government. They have negotiated powers from states in exchange for federal funding.

These changes have caused many people to accept as fact that the federal government is superior to the states, though it is not, or rather it should not be.

From The Great Reset is Local:

Referencing specific Executive Orders (EO):

Enough to make one choke is how Federalism principles are defined in the EO.  A few include “All powers not delegated to the federal government by the American people are reserved for the states.”  “The Tenth Amendment protects the relationship between the federal government and state governments.”  “Citizens are free to live their lives in an individual manner, subject only to constitutional restrictions.”  “States are laboratories of democracy.” States are encouraged to experiment with a variety of public policies…”.  “Actions by the national government that exceed its authority violate federalism. (Link is from article)”.  There are some others but the general idea is that all of them are a distortion of our Constitution and Republic.

American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is a globalist think-tank, with it’s members pushing for globalist ideals. They are movers and shakers of mandatory vaccines and mandatory tele-health services (part of the New Normal), as well as leading advocates for rewriting the US Constitution.

ALEC partnered with the Globalists from these groups to take part in this elitist Agenda 2030 and One World Government conference.

You will not likely find any legislator that promotes Liberty principles on the roster of this elitist group. You will find Big Pharma members, conglomerate and corporate members, and you will find Centrists and Left-leaning legislators.

And, you will find Idaho Legislator Sage Dixon.

As Idaho State Chair for ALEC, Dixon travels the world and the country promoting their globalist ideals.

Dixon traveled to Germany to participate in the mockery conference of the Agenda 2030 view of Federalism to explain US federalism & federal control of western land. Why he would discuss details of our Western Lands policies with these power hungry elitists is a question on which the reader may wish to speculate.




As the Co-Chairman for the Federalism committee for the Idaho Legislature, and as the Public Chair for this committee in ALEC, obviously Mr. Dixon understands how the descriptions have been distorted. However, I have yet to see him challenge any of these issues. He seems to have accepted the changes as, possibly, the New Normal?

Nonetheless, questions that could be asked include how traveling to Germany helps his North Idaho voters to survive the massive government overreach, both by the State and Federal governments? Or, how does traveling to Arizona and California help his constituents pay their bills during this extraordinarily high inflation?

How about whether or not his interests in Agenda 2030 and rewriting the Constitution could be more important to the voters than saving the people in this state from the over reaching government mandates and protecting their God-given, Constitutionally guaranteed rights?

We don’t need another Globalist in this state. Especially one that wants to rewrite the US Constitution.

The US Constitution does not need to be rewritten. It needs to be Reread.



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  1. Soros Sage Dixon, who would have believed it. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. A taste of power can be exhilarating and can also be addictive like a drug.

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