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Your Jet-Setting RINO Rep. Sage Dixon

He had to actually campaign for his new position as Asst. Majority Leader. Was he honest?

Your Jet-Setting RINO Rep. Sage Dixon

Your Jet-Setting RINO Rep. Sage Dixon

by Shari Dovale

Again, we find Idaho Representative Sage Dixon jet-setting around the globe. Here he is a couple of weeks ago, back in Germany and meeting with officials from the European Union (EU) “discussing critical issues of energy security and jurisdictional and interdependent roles of various levels of government” as reported by Lobbyist Ken Ivory.

See Related article: Globalist In Sheep’s Clothing concerning the Globalist Convention that Sage Dixon attended as a representative of Idaho and of American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

Ivory lobbies on behalf of the American Lands Council and Convention of States.

Dixon sits on the board for ALEC and promotes the Article V Conventions, aka Convention of States, though he has publicly stated that he does not.

The Convention of States is a project to change the US Constitution by Centrists and Leftists as they do not seem to be able to follow the current law, and wish to change it to allow them to continue to damage and abuse citizens of their rights in favor of their own personal benefits.

See Related article: Hey Sage Dixon – If It Walks Like a Duck, and Quacks Like a Duck… in which it is shown that Dixon hosted a luncheon in Boise to promote an Article V Convention, in November 2021. This was after he took part in a mock Article V Convention in Arizona 4 years earlier, showing that he has been part of this movement for at least 6 years.

ALEC, through which Dixon has risen the ranks these past several years, also promotes Mandatory Vaccines. Basically, they are a Big Corporate Bill Mill, promoting BIG PHARMA, through donations from these corporations and also allowing them equal standing and voting within their organization.

ALEC Behind Recent Push For Mandatory Vaccination

Despite all the rhetoric of ALEC and its puppets in Congress, the position of the organization and its puppets is not necessarily in favor of personal choice. This much has been made clear in the form of mandates and force of law, particularly in the area of vaccination.

This should not be surprising considering ALEC’s many Big Pharma members. While the organization is made up of a plethora of major corporations Big Pharma makes up a sizable portion of its ranks.

The New Idaho Asst. Majority Leader, Rep. Sage Dixon, clearly said he was “Not an ambitious person” and he would only serve if they came to him and asked him to do so. He was not going to “put his name out there” for Leadership. Yet, he had to actually campaign for his new position as Asst. Majority Leader. Was he honest?

This should prove that, despite the false promises that these reps make during the election cycle, these deceivers do not deserve your support.


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