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They Aren’t Just Democrats

The primary source of power that is destroying our nation is our national education/indoctrination system.

They Aren’t Just Democrats

They Aren’t Just Democrats

Editorial by Pete Ketcham

We all have become so accustomed to defining someone as a Democrat or Republican, that we have lost sight of the true character and identity of the individual. We identify Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Obama, Bill & Hillary Clinton, and others as the leadership of the Democratic party, but in reality that is a very minor label of who they really are.

These people are actually deceptive, lying, actors on a world stage. They are devoid of any moral standards, with their first priority being their own political welfare. To think that any type of fair or impartial deal with them is possible, is as naive as the fool Neville Chamberlain (British Prime Minister) was in thinking he could make a fair deal to secure “Peace in Our Time” with Hitler. (1938)

Here is an interesting short video of that fool as he arrived back in England (from Germany), amid the cheering crowds.

As you watch this video think of the times prior to Trump that members of the Republican leadership thought they could work out fair deals with people such as Obama and the Clintons.

Over a period of time I have read numerous history books, about the actions, tactics, and philosophy of Hitler and the Nazi party as they rose to brutal power in Germany in the 30’s & 40’s. It has now become evident that the evil character of the Nazi philosophy which reduced a large segment of their citizens to a subhuman status is alive and well today in our own Democrat party.

The only major difference between the two parties is the level of brutality, thanks to the fact we still have the continuing restraint of our constitutional laws and regulations. In Germany, the christian morals and beliefs were literally thrown out of the culture in order for the Nazi philosophy to take control. Today in our own nation the christian morals and beliefs are also under attack by the perverse LGBT community, Hollywood, and the news media as they ridicule and degrade individuals that adhere to their christian principles.

There were many tactics the Nazis used to achieve their goals, that are now being used in our nation today by the Democratic party. The following are just a few:

1. Hitler & the Nazis took control of all national education. The Nazis turned their
education system into a youth indoctrination institute for their agenda. Today through the efforts of the NEA, and the socialistic left, our education system has been turned into an indoctrination institute for the agenda of the liberal left & Democrat party.

2. Hitler & the Nazis took control of all national newspapers, printing industry, movie
industry, radio, and used these assets for a massive national and world wide propaganda program. Likewise the mainstream news media and the entertainment industry in our nation has now become the propaganda arm of the Democratic party.

3. Through an effective propaganda program, Hitler & the Nazis were able to convince a majority of the German population that the German Jews were evil, sub-human, and
deserved to be eliminated. Today this same tactic is being used by the degenerate liberal left against the white Christian culture here in America.

A major characteristic of this type of propaganda begins when an elitist group of people develop a disdain and contempt for another group of people who’s customs and beliefs are different from theirs. As this disdain and contempt grows it ripens into raw hatred.

The Nazi elitist believed they were descendants of a superior Aryan race and despised the Jews. Likewise the Democrats expose their disdain and contempt by statements such as “basket of deplorables” (Hillary), and “clinging to their guns and bibles” (Obama). This has now progressed beyond disparaging statements by the democrats, into raw hatred of Trump, his staff, his supporters, and any constitutional conservative entity.

I could go on ad nauseam concerning the similarities of policies and tactics used by the Nazis and the Democrats, but the real issue is recognizing that the basic evil character of the individual leadership and membership of both parties (Nazi & Democrat) is identical, the only difference is, the Nazis had unlimited control and the Democrats are still restrained by our constitution thus far.

If these present day Democrats and liberals were unleashed to rule with unobstructed power such as the Nazis enjoyed, you would see the same cruel brutal laws and regulations. In fact, some of the Nazi-type laws have already been passed in liberal states disguised as discrimination laws, hate-speech laws, religious liberty regulations, etc.

The most egregious law the Nazis passed was the declaration that all Jews were unworthy of life, and were slaughtered indiscriminately. Likewise the Democrat party with support of Planned Parenthood and other liberals has declared that unborn babies are unworthy of life, and thus can be slaughtered indiscriminately as were the Jews.

It has now become evident through the current exposure of the corruption of the FBI, and the Justice Department under Obama, that these individual leaders of the Democrat party will go as far outside the law as possible to satisfy their lust for power, position, and the destruction of their adversaries. If caught, they lie and distort to cover up their crimes through their public statements, aided by their propaganda arm, the mainstream news media.


What I have described about the current democrat leaders may sound extreme, but they are extreme in their beliefs, and it will grow worse. They have spread corruption throughout the leadership of all the federal agencies, and their successors, who have been indoctrinated by the education system will continue the lies, deception and subterfuge.

This progressive take over of our national morals and politics by the Democrats is the same procedure adopted by the Nazi party, except that it is a longer process due to the lack of military police power the Nazis had acquired, but nevertheless it is progressing on a daily basis.

This nation is now polarized into two separate camps, with no common ground. Basically, one camp is composed of liberal godless individuals intent on destroying our constitutional nation and replacing it with a failing socialistic government. The other camp is composed of conservative God fearing people who want to prevent this socialist takeover, and continue on with the traditional constitutional system of government.

What must be done to prevent the completion (it is well on it’s way) of this “takeover” is the burning question that most of us ask.

To partially answer this question I will revert back to WW2 when Germany was actively bombing London and many other English cities night and day. Winston Churchill and many others realized that the source of the German military strength would need to be destroyed, if London and England were to survive. It was realized that to permanently stop the Nazi German aggression, France and Germany both would have to be invaded, which at the time looked like an impossible task, that no one had the means to accomplish, nor wanted to take on, but realized that they had no choice if they were to survive.

Today in our nation we are faced with the same dilemma that the English faced in eliminating the source of power that was destroying their nation. Today, the primary source of power that is destroying our nation is our national education/indoctrination system that must be either taken control over, or eliminated. We look at this as an “impossible task, that no one has the means to accomplish, nor wants to take on”.

Unfortunately the conservatives today (unlike England) have no commitment, plan of action, or determination to take control of our national education/indoctrination system.

Our lack of conservative action today would have been akin to the British doing nothing about the German bombing, except just designing and building better bomb shelters. The sooner the conservatives realize they must gain control of our present education/indoctrination system as a matter of constitutional survival, the better chance this nation has continuing as a constitutional republic.

Even though we have a president determined to “drain the Washington swamp”, the national education/indoctrination system is turning out literally millions of “swamp critters” to replace the present ones as they leave the swamp.


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5 Comments on They Aren’t Just Democrats

  1. Who are Democrats? Godless, socialists, communist, marxists who have no regard for human life. –abortion, population control, euthanasia, eugenics, and extermination (beheading) of those who don’t agree with the prevailing thought (by the millions). Morality is based on the values of the group making the laws. If the group is Godless, the laws will also be Godless. America is facing a crossroads in leadership elected by the people: Will we continue toward more Godlessness or choose the morality that has served us very well for the past centuries? Every person does not have to believe in the Supreme Being to benefit from the principles of biblically sound morality. If we, as the electorate, choose the Godless path, life that we have known that protects the individual, property ownership, privacy, to keep the money you earn, speech, religion, and many more personal freedoms will be gone! Godlessness does not respect or care about what YOU want; it will be about what the “state” wants; you are expendable. No, they’re not just democrats!!

  2. OK, I read more of the half truths published in the article, and it sounded like the message was that the “progressives” today are following the lead of the Nazis of the mid 1900s. The truth may be otherwise. Someone named Edward Bernays pioneered much of the tactics used by Joseph Goebbels, which leads to a different understanding of which is the cart, and which is the horse, in this case. Add the information known about Edward Bernays to the information exposed by Anthony Sutton, and it becomes clear that Nazi Germany was a symptom, a consequence, and a willfully engineered consequence, of a power that appears to elude way too many people, and a power that depends upon that power of deception which includes this type of half truths, this type of cover-up, where the information only appears to point toward those who are most accountable.

  3. I got lost with the article above at the point when the subject of the Rise of Hitler was mentioned, and then I began questioning the remaining content. The Democratic Party is not democratic, not in any true sense of the word, and neither are the members of the Democratic Party liberals. Liberals, democrats, republicans, and conservatives, if words mean anything, are volunteers who volunteer for the realization of liberty in our time: the opposite of the goals being worked on by the criminals running the Nation State that was once (before 1789) a federation of independent, sovereign, states.

  4. If you want to learn more about Pete’s assessment, read “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich,” by William Shirer. Read how the Nazis came to power in the 20’s right through to when they began WWII by invading Poland in 1939. From 2008 to 2016, I watched how the Obama Administration used many of the same methods employed by the Nazis. Now, President Trump is faced with the herculean challenge of finding and firing those bureaucrats who supported Obama’s agenda at every level of the federal bureaucracy. Consider how many agencies are corrupt through and through. From Kornze to Love in BLM, and Comey to Bretzing in the FBI. To solve this, we must all get involved in the process of government. You can start by taking courses offered by the Center for Self Governance and then form teams to undo the lies of the past 100 years. Homeschool your kids and never cast your vote in favor of public education. Pick an issue, research the facts and fight for the truth. Get involved and stay involved!

    • I think it might be worth knowing the 3 works by Anthony Sutton concerning the Rise of Hitler, Rise of the Bolsheviks, and the rise of the communist Roosevelt, if the idea is to know better about who, why, where, and when the criminals (under the color of law) perpetrated the pogrom known as World War II. To ignore the data assembled and published by Anthony Sutton is – at least in my thinking – criminally negligent. I can be said that someone didn’t know that data, but now you know. You can ignore for a time, then the facts are in your face.

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