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American Socialism

Will this idea of socialism finally burn itself out as our capitalistic economy grows?

American Socialism

American Socialism

by Pete Ketcham

I recently had a suggestion about writing an article on socialism, and so started some research on the web. Firstly I found the Merriam / Webster definition as follows:

“any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods”. In Marxist theory it was defined as a “transitional social state between the overthrow of capitalism and the realization of communism”.

To see what the official socialist party of the USA is about, visit their website at and read their admiring article of Carl Marx  for starters. As you explore further in their website you will see the same type of philosophy, verbiage, and liberal mantra the progressive liberal left democratic Party espouses on a daily basis.

Although the liberal US education system does not openly promote Socialism, it is actually being taught in all the social studies programs under the name of compassion, diversity, fairness, racism, economic equality, etc., etc.  The young gullible college students buy into this indoctrination as reflected by the disruptive activities of Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other group demonstrations coming from the US campuses today.

The Socialist program today in the US as promoted on the campuses and throughout the nation is basically twofold:

1. Tear down the existing “unfair” structure of capitalism and democracy.
2.  Promote that everything should be provided by the government, such as a college education, guaranteed employment, guaranteed retirement income, health care, and many many more benefits, perhaps even an i-phone.

Will this idea of socialism finally burn itself out as our capitalistic economy grows, or will socialism grow as the educational indoctrination becomes more intense with each seceding generation of liberal professors?  This is a difficult question to answer, as our nation has never faced the social /political upheaval we are presently going through, as I said in the previous article, we are “sailing in uncharted waters”.

I conclude by believing that if we do not take control of the national education (indoctrination) system, our younger generation of future leaders will eventually move this nation into a failing catastrophic socialist nation.



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3 Comments on American Socialism

  1. Apt quotes for this dogmatic farce:

    “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

    “I was a gangbanger my whole life until i joined the military, then i became the President’s gangbanger.”

    The U.S. Corporate Military is Socialism by definition. But that is only true if the definition of socialism is the one people confuse with Marxism, which showed it’s true colors with Bolshevik Russia under Stalin.

    If someone cares to learn history, so as not to repeat it, then a good start is the work of Anthony Sutton, who lays out in forensic detail the funding of the Bolshevik, Nazi, and Roosevelt regime, so as to make a few counterfeit dollars more: gain even more power.

  2. As the saying goes:

    “If I had a dollar for every time socialism has worked, I’d have zero dollars.

    And ironically, if socialism did work, I’d still have zero dollars.

  3. The socialists/communists are much more nasty and the situation much more perilous. That is why the communist Fabian Society’s emblem has a wolf in sheep’s clothing in it.

    Let’s start with a few treats from The Communist Manifesto:

    “Our bourgeois, not content with having wives and daughters of their proletarians at their disposal, not to speak of common prostitutes, take the greatest pleasure in seducing each other’s wives.

    Bourgeois marriage is, in reality, a system of wives in common and thus, at the most, what the Communists might possibly be reproached with is that they desire to introduce, in substitution for a hypocritically concealed, an openly legalised community of women. For the rest, it is self-evident that the abolition of the present system of production must bring with it the abolition of the community of women springing from that system, i.e., of prostitution both public and private.”

    Nice of them to talk about American women thus, No?

    “The “dangerous class”, [lumpenproletariat] the social scum, that passively rotting mass thrown off by the lowest layers of the old society, may, here and there, be swept into the movement by a proletarian revolution; its conditions of life, however, prepare it far more for the part of a bribed tool of reactionary intrigue.”

    Hmmm, nothing like stirring up a little trouble (e.g. Occupy Movement).

    Another treat from Frederick Engels in “Socialism: Utopian and Scientific”:

    “The spinning wheel, the handloom, the blacksmith’s hammer, were replaced by the spinning-machine, the power-loom, the steam-hammer; the individual workshop, by the factory implying the co-operation of hundreds and thousands of workmen. In like manner, production itself changed from a series of individual into a series of social acts, and the production from individual to social products. The yarn, the cloth, the metal articles that now come out of the factory were the joint product of many workers, through whose hands they had successively to pass before they were ready. No one person could say of them: ‘I made that; this is my product.'”

    Does that sound like Obama’s “You didn’t build that!” What buffoon does not realize that composite creations and items acquired from faraway places means you do have to interact with other people in the business world.

    But there is something more important to understand because you can find an iota of wisdom in Communism/Socialism like these two Communist Planks:

    #8. Equal obligation of all to work. Establishment of Industrial armies, especially for agriculture.
    #9. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country by a more equable distribution of the population over the country.

    There is wisdom in reinforcing an Agrarian society and spreading people out so there are not great clusters of people who need stuff transported to them.

    But all we ever see and hear are the Communists/Socialist harping and clawing for those parts of their philosophy that allows them to tear down prosperity and success in vain attempts to support forced equality (a.k.a. Utopian vision).

    The salient point is, that the American Capitalist structure is doing the same thing…with TARP, Bail-Outs, Corporate malfeascence not being punished, Stockholders not having a remedy when the company they invested in fails (GM) while the CEO’s get bonuses…the blessings of responsibility and free enterprize are ground down and plundered in front of our very faces.

    The perilousness lies in the fact the “State” has grown into a force of its own…before it admits failure it will turn in upon itself…and find victims to blame.

    Which is why Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in “The Gulag Archipelago” noted that Russia found a whole new country within itself…the human beings who made up Imperial Russia under the Czar learned that those same human beings could turn upon themselves looking for victims to blame for why Communism was not working (Kulaks, Ukranians) and send them to the Gulags.

    What are the odds there is a whole another USA within the one we live in now?

    For myself, I don’t believe liberty and equitable allegiance should be a betting matter.

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