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Planned Parenthood Charged Taxpayers for Abortions

The auditor's office investigated all agencies that receive at least $500,000 a year from the federal government.

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Planned Parenthood in Nebraska illegally charged taxpayers for abortions: state auditor

According to the state auditor, taxpayers may have spent more than $19,000 on illegal abortions at Planned Parenthood facilities in Nebraska in the last fiscal year alone.

More than 98 percent of all family planning dollars the office inspected lacked proper substantiation, according to a 341-page report issued by Nebraska State Auditor Charlie Janssen on March 24.

The auditor’s office investigated all agencies that receive at least $500,000 a year from the federal government.

His investigative team found that the state Planned Parenthood affiliate had illegally billed federal Title X family planning services – which is supposed to pay for contraception, STDs, and breast and cervical cancer screenings – for performing abortions, instead.

At the outset, the office estimated that $1,787,608 of a total of $1,815,199 of taxpayer dollars were “at risk” for misuse due to incomplete record keeping or lack of compliance with the law.

State officers examined the expenditures reported by Planned Parenthood of the Heartland during one bimonthly period, comparing its account with records on file at three state Planned Parenthood offices.

Of 10 program income expenditures, one included $1,970 physician’s fee for performing one or more abortions.

Of 10 pathology expenditures, two were related to abortion. Planned Parenthood admitted the $1,260 in charges related to “products of conception” from abortion, not miscarriage services.

The statutory language of Title X – a federal program passed in 1970 aimed at “Population Research and Voluntary Family Planning” – states that “none of the funds appropriated under this title shall be used in programs where abortion is a method of family planning.”

In 2012, the Alliance Defending Freedom released a 23-page report that found Planned Parenthood could be guilty of up to $99 million in waste or fraud, including the illegal taxpayer funding of abortion and abortion-related procedures.

In 2013 Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, which is based in Texas, settled a lawsuit over defrauding Medicaid for $4.3 million.

Janssen’s office presented its conclusions to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in Kansas City, which told the World-Herald it agrees with its findings. But the Obama administration has not said whether it will impose any sanctions against Planned Parenthood for illegally funding abortion.

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