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Dixon Has Gone To The Dark Side

He intends to keep his promises to the Establishment over his obligations to his constituents

Dixon Has Gone To The Dark Side

Dixon Has Gone To The Dark Side

OpEd by Shari Dovale

November 15th will see the Idaho House reconvene in Boise to finish the session that was not completed this past Spring.

Speaker Bedke, a candidate for Lt. Governor, has too many Big Business buddies to want these mandates lifted, however, he chose not to end the session for his own reasons. One of these reasons seems to permeate around his campaign.

His campaign for the number 2 spot in the state government has turned him into the poster boy for cronyism, with his chameleon, Rep. Sage Dixon, jumping on the bandwagon to do his bidding.

Dixon, the Chairman of the Ethics committee, held a hearing designed to censure Rep. Priscilla Giddings, Bedke’s opponent in the Lt. Governor’s race.

It seems that it was fairly easy for Bedke to get Chairman Dixon on board, as the animosity Dixon holds towards Giddings goes back several years. Speculation is growing throughout his district concerning this animosity.

It may have begun with a simple rejection by the Air Force Academy. It seems that Dixon wanted to attend and was not qualified, therefore was rejected. However, Giddings not only attended but has risen in the ranks to her recent promotion of Lt. Colonel.

If Dixon is insecure around strong women, this would certainly feed into this form of misogyny. However, please keep in mind that this is pure speculation and he may not have a seething hatred for strong women. He may actually have a problem with strong people of either sex.

This same animosity spilled over into the Bonner County Republican Women, Inc. (BCRWI) political group. A person from this group spoke to me on condition of anonymity and discussed the event in which Rep. Giddings spoke: the Women of Courage luncheon in 2017.

During the planning of this event, Dixon’s wife, who was the secretary for the group at the time, voiced concerns about Giddings being the speaker, attempting to change the minds of the members that invited her. What was surprising to my source was the amount of vitriol and viciousness coming from Mrs. Dixon towards Rep. Giddings. It was apparently enough to stun the remaining members into silence for a time.

The third event that has been brought to my attention involved Rep. Giddings and Chairman Dixon being invited to the Focus on the Family Legislative conference in 2017. Apparently, Dixon attempted to get Giddings “uninvited” for being “disrespectful”.

This was not the first time that Dixon used the term “disrespectful” in describing Giddings. He used it to other lawmakers when Giddings asked for the bills to be read on the House floor. Additionally, Dixon continued to use this term of “disrespectful” after the ethics hearing, in describing Giddings answers during the hearing.

All of this shows that Dixon has a problem with strong people in general and Rep. Giddings specifically. Dixon was asked at the time if he had a problem with strong women and replied that his wife is a strong woman, and would not comment further.

Yes, his wife could be seen as “wearing the pants” in that family, and could have been the farmer that planted that seed of animosity in Mr. Dixon, but it is obvious when listening to him that he really seems to genuinely dislike Rep. Giddings for his own reasons.



When asked recently at a townhall about the specific reasons he voted to remove Giddings from a committee appointment, he was vague and scattered about her “not answering” all of his questions. Basically, he implied that she lied, even if by omission.

Yet, Dixon insists that he, and his committee, were apparently the only people in the state that did not know Bedke was planning to announce his candidacy for Lt. Governor. The people throughout his district, as well as in Boise, were discussing it long before the announcement, and we even published it here:

BOISE DISTRACTION! Is Idaho Speaker Scott Bedke Running For Lt Gov?

Whether or not this circus of a hearing was designed by Chairman Dixon to aid his friend Speaker Bedke in his upcoming election is left for the reader to determine.

But it did not take much to determine that Dixon’s friend, Scott Bedke, has been donating to his campaign for years, including 2 large donations since the “pandemic” began.


Nevertheless, all of this is wrapped around Chairman Dixon admitting that he was only at the September press conference in Boise to watch the legislators trying to reconvene the House. This was all about Medical Freedom, and Dixon stressed that he was not taking part.


Why would he feel the need to travel from the northern most part of the state to watch the other legislators trying to support their constituents, yet not want to do so himself? He did not feel this same need the first time the legislators attempted to stop these mandates, as then he just didn’t bother to show up at all:

A Little Rebellion in the Idaho State House

Yet, Dixon has said that when the House reconvenes on Monday, he will ask them to punish Rep. Giddings because he made a promise to the ethics committee, regardless of his constituents wishes.

All of this, and more, has convinced me that someone who used to be referred to as a “Liberty Legislator” has gone to the dark side and become an “Establishment RINO.” Dixon is clearly no longer representing the interests of his constituents, but is all about representing his own interests.

Time to Vote Him Out!



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  1. Sage Dixon has been bought and paid for. He is nothing more than an establishment puppet doing the bidding of the corrupt leadership. Shameful!

  2. Politics is more convoluted than a bait can full of worms. Forget trying to figure out Dixon’s motives. If he is trying so hard to disguise his end game, it cannot be good. If I were a resident of his district, I would start a recall petition. Of course, the person that starts such a petition will find their every secret splashed across the headlines, every aspect of their lives put under a microscope and forced to fight endless battles in court. I don’t blame folks for that, we all have some ugly little secrets. I know I have lots of them so I am in no position to criticize.

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