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Cultural Rot Comes To The North Idaho Fair

There is no lack of quality entertainment available. There are wonderful black performers who also have a positive message and would draw even bigger crowds

Cultural Rot Comes To The North Idaho Fair

Cultural Rot Comes To The North Idaho Fair

By Bob Shillingstad

Duane Rasmussen recently wrote an excellent piece for Redoubt News regarding the main stage “entertainment” coming to the North Idaho Fair in the form of a crude, vile rapper by the name of “Nelly”. I, like many others, forwarded this column to dozens of my friends and encouraged them to contact the fair board chairman as I had done, protesting this type of filth at a family event. Duane’s article appeared in The Coeur d’Alene Press and their reporting confirmed why we get our news from alternate sources like Redoubt News!

A typical response from the Press is to attack the messenger. Since there weren’t any negatives they could find about Duane, they decided to comment on Rich Loudenback’s commentary. Rich, in the Press’ “mind,” has no credibility because he is the secretary for the Coeur d’Alene chapter of the John Birch Society, as if that disqualifies him as a legitimate critic. If it comes to speaking out for traditional values, putting America first and speaking sanity to an insane world then give me the John Birch Society over the Coeur d’Alene Press any day.

Amazingly, the fairgrounds general manager, Alexcia Jordan, defended the choice of performer by stating that the target audience is women in their 30’s and 40’s and their feedback has been positive. Obviously, Alexcia’s circle of friends and influences do not include families with children they would like to raise with values of civility and morality. Nelly is a three-time Grammy Award winner and Ms. Jordan reminded us of this fact. From descriptions of recent Grammy events, that should disqualify him right there.

Over 70% of black children will be born into a fatherless home. The crisis in our inner cities is one of rampant crime, unemployment and a culture that replaces true manhood with people like “Nelly”. The key to many of our nation’s problems is to repair families and this issue is present in North Idaho as well. Nearly half of children in our area do not live with their biological father. What is this Fair Board thinking? Who really is their target audience?

To compound the lack of common sense with this performance, the fair manager has stated they will hire extra security including Crown Management, North Idaho Security and the Sheriff’s office! Commissioner Bill Brooks muddies the water even further by saying that protests to this event are being organized by groups related to “anti-government militia”. If Bill is talking about protests relating to library boards (drag queen story hour), school boards (Critical Race Theory) or Fair Boards who are promoting “Nelly” as wholesome entertainment then you have moved me and others into the “anti-government” camp.

There is no lack of quality entertainment available. There are wonderful black performers who also have a positive message and would draw even bigger crowds. CeCe Winans, for example, has won 12 Grammy Awards and has a wonderful show of gospel and crossover music. Groups like the Four Tops or Spinners draw large crowds across the country and would pack the house. The common thread with all of these performers is that the whole family could attend without fear of a truly evil influence by a rapper with words that destroy.

We have had enough of the main-stream media, out of control boards and bureaucrats dictating what they think our outlook should be on family, life and morality. If we object then we are “crazy right-wing zealots”. No, we are people who will walk away from trash and welcome a Fair that is willing to reflect our traditional values. If you want us back to the Fair then change for good, not evil. (You can email Chairman Gerald Johnson)


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