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Whoa Nelly!

Many people view him to be a vile representation of what is currently wrong with America

Whoa Nelly!

Whoa Nelly!


by Duane Rasmussen

The North Idaho Fair Board, are they living in some world created for the insane?  On August 23, 2021 the rapper Nelly is scheduled to perform at the North Idaho Fair Grounds.

There was a time when Nelly was the name for a horse.  I knew of a horse named “Old Nell”.  It was a mean horse.  Now it is the name of a rapper which the North Idaho Fair Board and it’s General manager have invited to perform at the Kootenai County Fair Grounds presumably because they think he will generate money.  

Many people view him to be a vile representation of what is currently wrong with America.  Just watch his videos and judge for yourself.  The Fair lost money during the time of Covid.  Now they want to make up the money by lowering their ethical standards and increasing their take at the gate.

One of Nelly’s celebrated musical achievements is a piece named “Pimp Juice”.   This song was not a hit with many African American observers.   Even his alleged invention of a drink by the same name was boycotted.

But then what’s not to like about stunningly stellar lyrics such as:

She only want me for my pimp juice (that’s all she want me for f’real)”

Have the people of predominantly white North Idaho forgotten?  “White silence is violence.”  We were taught that a year ago.  Do we see a boycott on the horizon?  Let’s hope so.  But, perhaps the North Idaho Fair Board has already made enough money on ticket sales to the denizens of Seattle and Portland to ignore any boycott attempt.  

According to one scalper tickets may be resold for as much as, or more than $300.  Collecting money through ticket sales to people who live in CHAZ and CHOP might just help us get past the financial difficulties of the last year but is that what we are willing to sell our cultural souls for? 

Is that what we want our children to see?  County fairs were meant to be wholesome cultural events not venues for the propagation of trash.

The Fair Board, it’s General Manager Alexcia Jordan and it’s enabler County Commissioner Bill Brooks, have gone too far this time.  Will someone please say Whoa.  We have had enough.  Whoa Nelly!

North Idaho Fair Board members



Nelly aka Cornell Iral Haynes Jr.


Nelly’s musical achievements: 

Pimp Juice – videos

Pimp Juice – lyric
She only want me for my pimp juice (that’s all she want me for f’real)”

Country Grammar (Hot Shit)

Ride wit me – lyrics


He is a rapper after all:
Nelly Arrested and Charged With Felony Drug Possession
Nelly Cuts Plea Deal on Drug Charges in Tennessee
Rapper Nelly released from jail after arrest (Rape Accusation)
Nelly owed back taxes to IRS
Rapper Nelly accused of sexual assault after Essex gig


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