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Lawsuit Filed Against Mask Mandate

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Lawsuit Filed Against Mask Mandate

Lawsuit Filed Against Mask Mandate

by Shari Dovale

On July 23, 2020, the Panhandle Health Board passed an Order mandating Face Coverings to be worn on people throughout Kootenai County, Idaho. Questions were immediately raised throughout the state as to the legality of this mandate.

Paul Herndon, of Pleasant Meadow Creamery, decided that these questions were too important to let pass.

On Friday, July 31st, Herndon and two other businessmen, Angelo Brunson and Daniel Schnatter, through their attorney Colton Boyles, filed suit against the PANHANDLE HEALTH DISTRICT and each of the Board members individually.

The lawsuit alleges that there were several violations of the Idaho Open Meeting Laws, therefore the order is null and void.

Included in the allegations of violations, the lawsuit states that the District did not allow the public to attend this meeting, and alternate methods of attendance were inadequate. The telecommunications platform used for the first meeting was from Zoom Video Communications, Inc, and a telephone call in line.

The online platform Zoom had a capacity of 500 people, which was reached before the meeting began. The telephone line provided was at capacity and many people were not able to connect there. This was in addition to the hundreds of people that showed up in person to watch the meeting live. They were not allowed into the room and were made to stay outside and unable to hear the proceedings.

Panhandle Health Board convened two separate meetings to discuss this issue. The second meeting was not any easier for the public to attend. It was streamed on YouTube and was not interactive for those viewing it. Public comment was limited to the few people that were allowed inside the room.

The motion that was made was contentious as well. Commissioner Walt Kirby, of Boundary County, talked during both meetings as if he were adamantly against the mandate, yet, through a series of connection problems, it appeared that Kirby was unaware of exactly what he was voting for.

The meeting had to be stopped for a length of time to try to get Kirby reconnected, and then someone took a phone around the room trying to get him the ability to hear what was being said, though it was clearly not working well.

These questions, and more, need to be answered for the citizens of Idaho.

We applaud these people for stepping up and leading this fight to protect the people’s freedom in Idaho. However, lawsuits are expensive. We encourage everyone to help as they can.

If you can donate funds to help offset the costs of this lawsuit, please go to:

If you are unable at this time to help with funding, please share this article with your friends and family.


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