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Health District Explains How to Ignore The Mask Mandate

Everyone needs only to say “Exempt”

harm Health District Explains How to Ignore The Mask Mandate

Health District Explains How to Ignore The Mask Mandate

by Shari Dovale

Panhandle Health District voted Thursday to mandate the wearing of face masks throughout Kootenai County, Idaho.

In a heated 4-hour meeting, hundreds of citizens protested during the discussion. This directive came on the heels of a similar meeting just last week in which the motion could not even raise a second, causing it to fail.

But as you can see every time a levy vote fails, the progressive government was determined to continue bringing the question until they gained the answer they wanted.

However, this board allowed the wording of their order to outline the many ways to ignore the ruling. In section 1. B., they describe the multiple different ways in which people DO NOT have to wear facial coverings.

Within the 10 different ways outlined, the exemptions include anyone with a medical condition that would preclude them from wearing a mask. As outlined through HIPPA, in which the goal is to assure that individuals’ health information is properly protected, these folks do not have to explain their exemption.

This means that anyone that walks into a facility and is asked to put on a mask need only to say “Exempt” and they are to be allowed entrance.

Exemptions are also allowed for anyone with a mental health condition, disability, or even those that are communicating with the hearing impaired.

Again, as per the order of the Panhandle Health District, anyone that simply says they have an exemption is to be spared the order, as well as any retaliation from not following the order, therefore no fine or jail term will be imposed.

Science-deniers may tell you that it is imperative that you cover your face to hide from a common cold, but not everyone believes the same. It may be that there will be very little difference in the number of face veils seen in public, even after this directive.

Decide for yourselves! Will you comply, or will you say “Exempt”?


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  1. How can I uphold a principle with a lie. I have no health condition that would preclude me . I simply wish to make my own decision as to how i conduct myself. I personally need a better answer.

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