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Write-in Candidate Challenges Career Politician

Write-in Candidate Challenges Career Politician

Write-in Candidate Challenges Career Politician


SANDPOINT – Dan Rose announced today the launch of his “[x] Write-in DAN ROSE” candidacy for the Republican position of State Representative, Legislative District 1B, currently held by Sage Dixon.

Dan Rose feels strongly that “regulation without representation” is an existential threat to liberty. It is the reason for his candidacy, and it is two-fold: The Governor refused to reconvene the 2020 legislative session before or after decreeing a unilateral statewide shutdown; and District 1B’s representative violated our trust by failing to show up in Boise to speak for his constituents when the legislature attempted to reconvene on June 23, under a well-established separation-of-powers principle.

The end effect was that constituents were regulated with draconian policies that caused great suffering and violated God-given constitutional rights, statutory laws, and conservative principles. Dan Rose said, “Our representative declined to even be present to discuss them; in effect, he abandoned his duty to represent us.” Dan Rose continued, “It’s becoming more obvious that the incumbent has less concern for the people he represents and greater unconditional support for edicts issued by the Governor and the House Speaker. One consequence is the continuing assault on the liberties of constituents through the unprecedented dragnet implementation of contact-tracing.”

It is Dan Rose’s firm belief that “District 1B residents are entitled to a representative who does not obediently follow Boise and out-of-state masters. We are entitled to a legislator who does not fall for the golden carrot of committee chairmanship, junkets, and a campaign chest full of contributions by PACs, big business (including 2 pharmaceutical giants), and House leadership, amounting to $25,000(+) since April 1st, as reported to the Idaho Secretary of State.

Dan Rose cites as his qualifications his longstanding public service involvement in the community since 2014. He has held the elected position as trustee of the Pend Oreille Hospital District since 2017. In 2018 and 2020 he was elected Republican precinct committeeman in Grouse Creek precinct. He serves as parliamentarian in the District 1 Republican Central Committee, and has also served as the Sandpoint VFW Post #2453 Jr. Vice Commander and a Bonner County election poll judge in Southside and Sagle precincts. Dan Rose’s leadership is proven. His governing principle is to serve constituent interests without compromising trust.

He is a member of the Constitutional Sheriffs Peace Officer Association (CSPOA) and the Safety Peace Officers Retired to Sandpoint (SPORTS). A Veteran of Foreign War, he attained the enlisted rank of Staff Sergeant and a commissioned rank of Captain.

He is a former driver for both Disabled Veterans in Sandpoint and LPOSD. He is currently employed part-time by the Selkirk-Pend Oreille Transit (SPOT) as a route driver.

He holds a B.S. Degree in Finance and Investment, and a M.A. Degree in Criminal Justice.

For comments and additional information, please feel free to contact Dan Rose via the contact page of his campaign website:


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