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Impeachment Theatre

The Democrats impeachment histrionics are doing far more to ensure President Trump’s re-election than to prevent it.

Impeachment Theatre

Impeachment Theatre

by Brent Regan

Impeachment Theater won’t change President Trump’s future, but it will change ours.

Progressive Democrats have been calling for President Trump’s impeachment since election night.  Apparently unable to process the fact that their candidate lost, progressive Democrats seem to be permanently stuck in the first phase of grief: denial.

We collectively endured two years of the Russia Collusion narrative, media talking heads hyperventilating as they recited their programmed talking points. Congressman Schiff even stated categorically that he had proof of a crime. The multimillion dollar Mueller investigation proved Russian Collusion to be a hoax and Schiff to be a liar. So disappointing were these results that even the report’s namesake admitted not reading the released document.

Apparently unswayed by facts and certain that the ends of removing a constitutionally elected president justified any means necessary, the Democrats’ ‘Eye of Sauron’ gaze shifted from Russia to Ukraine. Without any facts in hand, speaker Pelosi invented a mechanism to sate the radical elements of her party. The Impeachment Inquiry was conjured to facilitate Democrat legislators in conducting Soviet style secret hearings where witnesses could be interrogated away from public view and selective elements of their testimony leaked to the media.

In one of the most shocking displays of mendacity, Intelligence Committee Chairman Schiff, whose committee’s mission is to bring the truth to light, opened a hearing by reciting a fictitious account of President Trump’s conversation with the Ukrainian president. Schiff’s perjury will go unpunished because congressmen are shielded from prosecution when congress is in session. However, his slanderous narrative has become THE narrative and advanced as the fountainhead for impeachment.

Fortunately a transcript of the conversation was released and a fair reading of that document should have put the impeachment matter to rest. However, contrary to the claims of Speaker Pelosi, the impeachment has nothing to do with facts but rather is a purely political exercise. Proof of this is that its genesis occurred before any facts were presented.

What should concern every American is how our legislators, in their impeachment fixation, have abandoned foundational principles of our justice system. Where is the presumption of innocence? The right to confront your accuser? The right to cross examine witnesses?  These legislators are so focused on the goal that they abandon process and violate their oaths of office apparently without a second thought. If this can be done to the President, are any of us safe?

As we collectively drift in this sea of sophistry there is a rock on which we can hold fast. Critical thinking and logic can part the mists. Consider these questions.

Can a government official legally violate a law if the violation occurs as a necessity of their legal duties? For example, can a sheriff deputy violate the speed laws with impunity if they are chasing a fleeing criminal or responding to an emergency? Yes, obviously.

Can the chief law enforcement official call for the investigation of potential criminal activity? Yes, obviously.

Is it reasonable for the United States to put conditions, limits, or restrictions on another government before handing them $400 million in taxpayer money? Yes, hopefully.

If a law enforcement official becomes aware of a potential illegal act, is it their duty to call for an investigation to find the facts? Yes, obviously.

Did Joe Biden boast that he told the Ukrainians they must fire a specific individual in exchange for a loan guarantee, an explicit Quid Pro Quo? Yes.

Does running for political office grant the candidate immunity from prosecution for crimes they may have committed? No, obviously.

Contrary to the Schiff narrative but supported by the facts, president Trump’s request to the Ukrainian president to “look into” possible corruption was not only legal and proper but consistent with the duties and responsibilities of the Commander in Chief. In light of this, other possible interpretations are irrelevant. Remember that the Clinton impeachment was based on Clinton admittedly committing perjury, for which his law license was revoked, and even then the senate did not remove him from office. Even if Schiff’s narrative was accurate and Trump did ask the Ukrainian president to “make up dirt on my opponent” it would be an election law violation, hardly on a par with treason level crime needed for removal.

Having put the verdict ahead of the trial, the Democrats have painted themselves into a corner. They must proceed as if the Schiff narrative was fact or admit their own culpability in the lie. Even if they succeed in passing articles of impeachment the subsequent trial in the Senate will expose the truth. In the unlikely event that 67 Senators vote to remove the president from office, there is no law that would prevent candidate Trump from continuing his 2020 campaign. Americans love an underdog.

The Democrats impeachment histrionics are doing far more to ensure President Trump’s re-election than to prevent it.

At issue is not Trump’s future but ours, put in peril by the lengths to which the Democrats are willing to go in order to replace the will of the people with the will of their party. They claim to be defending democracy but it is the results of our fundamental democratic process that they seek to overturn.


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