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The Democrat Mafia

They are filled with criminals who have no concern for the law, the truth, or the welfare of the citizens of this nation.

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The Democrat Mafia

by Pete Ketcham

Although the Democrats are a political party, they operate like a criminal mafia. Below is the Wikipedia definition of a mafia.

A mafia is a type of organized crime syndicate whose primary activities are protection racketeering, arbitrating disputes between criminals, and brokering and enforcing illegal agreements and transactions.[1] Mafias often engage in secondary activities such as gambling, loan sharking, drug-trafficking, prostitution, and fraud.“

The preceding definition may seem like a harsh comparison, but as one considers some of the Democratic party’s current methods of operation,  it is easy to see they are very similar to the mafia characteristics.

As we all know the mafia‘s primary goal (motivated by greed) was to accumulate wealth by any means possible, with absolutely no regard for truth or the law. Their two primary means of accomplishing their goals was by the use of deception and force.

In like kind the Democrat’s primary goal (motivated by a lust for power and wealth) is to gain political power by any means possible, with no regard for the truth or lawful procedure. Their three primary means of accomplishing their goals is by the use of deception, demonizing their political opponents, and exploiting the existing law.

In particular, the terms of “protection racketeering”, incorporated in the Wikipedia definition is an apt term that describers the Muller investigation and the illegal activities of Hillary Clinton. The Democrat controlled federal intelligence agencies did all they could to protect Clinton as they engaged in deception and racketeering. Like the mafia they used “force” against prosecution witnesses,(in order to secure the testimony they desired) and even surrounded the house of a peaceful (non-flight risk) witnesses by armed force during a arrest.

Shakedown and extortion,  a Democrat method of operation (as used by the mafia) is aptly illustrated by Biden’s shakedown of Ukraine in order to protect his son’s illegal operations. There are many examples of Democrat criminality that parallel that of the mafia that could be listed as they pursue their agenda of taking down a legitimate sitting president. One that is currently taking place on a daily basis is the extortion by Democrat house committees as they threaten witnesses with contempt of congress for not turning over endless documentation and verbal testimony to their committees.

It is evident that both organizations (Democrats and the mafia)  are filled with criminals who have no concern for the law, the truth, or the welfare of the citizens of this nation. In fact both of these organizations will do anything they can get away with to promote their agenda, and will destroy anyone who opposes them. For us to consider the Democrats as a legitimate political party is no longer possible, they have evolved into a criminal organization that has worked it’s way into our national (and state) government, education system, and news media. If they are allowed to continue their national criminal activities, our nation will eventually cease to exist as a constitutional republic.


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